Monday, October 8, 2007

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This morning I needed to look something up on the computer. Matthew has plenty of toys in the office, but he refused to play with them. No matter how many times I tried to redirect him, he just kept going for all the electronic stuff, especially the computer speakers. I was going to take some pictures of this (thinking I could use it to convince my mom that Matthew would rather have a new stereo for Christmas instead of toys), so as Matthew sat chewing on the speaker, I set his toys behind him. Then when I tried to snap some photos of him, he immediately turned to play with his toys! sooner as I sat back down to post this, he left his toys and crawled back to play with the speakers.
Look at my sweaty baby in fleece pants and a sweatshirt! It is cold in the desert today!

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Andy & Rebecca said...

My little guy LOOOOVES electronics too!!! Who wants a dinky rattle when you can play with a computer keyboard - or a telephone - or a TV remote?? :) Or computer speakers, of course.