Monday, April 27, 2009

is this the cure for a sleepless child???

I haven't been blogging...or visiting blogs...very much lately because I have been using M's naptime to to pray and read my Bible. For some reason even when I have a quiet time in the morning, I crave it again in the afternoon. And it's been good. Ephesians is rockin' my world!

But the funny thing about it is that, since I started doing this, M HAS BEEN TAKING LONGER NAPS!!!!!!!

Not even kidding.

Can't wait to visit your blogs and see what's been going on in your lives!!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

and they're off!

edited2add: Sorry, but I only have time to give you one link right now. Click here to read Angie's latest post, "Name."

Compassion International has selected five bloggers to travel to India, and you are invited to join in the adventure! Each blogger, as well as other trip members, will be documenting their experiences via the internet.

Here are links to follow along during the April 26 - May 2 trip:
- - A snippet of every post, every pic and video will be uploaded to this page.

- This is the link to the trip's RSS feed. Subscribing to the feed will send a snippet of every post from every blogger to your RSS reader.

If you'd prefer to follow the trip by visiting each blog here are their addresses:
Pete Wilson -
Melissa Fitzpatrick -
Angela Smith -
Robin Dance -

Keely Scott -

Anne Jackson -

Spence Smith -
Patricia Jones -
Shaun Groves -

OOPS! Sorry these aren't showing up as links...will haveto adjust later because right now I must attend to a hungry little boy!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

new post on private blog

what you get for your money in the new post:
language acquisition
why the kids at CH!CK-F!L-A hate me
and so many videos it will blow your mind!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

tagged by phatchik

OK, so J from Phatchik posted that she had been tagged and then cheated and "tagged" everyone who read the post. Now we all know that cheaters never prosper, but then she sent me a desperately-seeking-taggers email and practically begged me to participate, so I caved to the blog pressure. Just kidding...she didn't. J did not grovel in the least...she bribed with chocolate instead....HOW.I.WISH.

Per J: Here are the rules for "8 THINGS":1.) Mention the person that tagged you.2.) Complete the lists of 8's.3.) Tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends. 4.) Go tell them you tagged them!


1.) going to bed tonight

2.) returning a hideous children's video to the library tomorrow

3.) starting to exercise again (because the booty boot camp video is gathering major dust)

4.) payday this friday! oh, wait, i don't get paid.

5.) time alone with superScott.....grrrrr

6.) rare self-initiated affection from M

7.) learning more about human trafficking and then kicking its butt

8.) seeing Jesus face-to-face...and seeing my mom again


1.) woke up too early

2.) felt bad that i got snippy with a lady who answered the phone as "Esther" (or some E name) and then, when i explained how i had previously left a message and rec'd no response, she admitted to being someone else! what??? ok, i guess i didn't feel THAT bad about being snippy since i am obviously still snippy.

3.) ate salami and jelly beans

4.) attended a fundraiser for a pregnancy center

5.) watched in awe as a lady sang a song about having aborted twins as a teen...and then, by God's mercy and grace, gave birth to twins later in life. then watched in utter amazement as the CD for her second song went haywire and she bravely sang a cappella through almost the entire thing with the music loudly scratching in and out. STANDING O!

6.) ate a huge chicken breast that must have belonged to Big Bird himself...covered with seasonings and spicy peppers. nothing like having a runny nose at a banquet when your table is smack dab in the middle of the room.

7.) pondered this statement i overheard: Be intolerant because some things are just plain stupid.

8.) stayed up too late editing pics from a photoshoot at a local school


1.) meet followers of Christ from around the world and see what faith looks like when you don't have the Bible translated in your language...what worship music sounds like when you don't have a band...what a prayer of gratitude sounds like when all that is on the plate in front of you is rice.

2.) respond to M in patience, gentleness, and grace for an entire day

3.) be more organized...have a little more schedule in my life

4.) take photos like Jasmine *

5.) sing WELL...and dance like the brazilians do

6.) hug someone who is hurting right now

7.) wiggle my nose and have a pan full of brownies with cream cheese frosting sitting in front of me...and then wiggle it again and have the brownies and myself on the beach in SoCal

8.) see people i love open their hearts to Jesus


1.) The Office

2.) The Office

3.) The Office

4.) The Office

5.) The Office

6.) The Office

7.) The Office

8.) The Office

Since I don't care about prospering at this moment, I am going to cheat and tag YOU...yes, YOU, ya lil' bloggy reader. Don't try to sneak out of here by hitting that back button really quick-like. I have FEED-JIT...I know where you live! So get to work on your "8 things" tag!

Friday, April 17, 2009

one thing



Recently I received a much anticipated package in the mail. An oversized manila envelope, it contained materials for hosting an informational event about human trafficking. That night I stayed up late poring over the materials and went to sleep quite overwhelmed and weary.

Over the next few days I began seeking God more diligently about how I could serve in this area but, by His grace alone, my heart's cry shifted from what can I do to help to how can I know God more. Asking for guidance in how to serve was replaced with asking to know His heart for the oppressed, His love for the broken, His plans for their rescue. Asking to know Him. And this led me more and more to His Word.

Thinking about this, a specific verse has come to mind: But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her. Luke 10:42

The NLT states it this way: There is really only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it--and I won't take it away from her.

This verse speaks of when Mary chose to sit at Jesus' feet and hear His word while her sister was busy doing "stuff." Mary's decision revealed a posture of humble submission to her Master, of faith that His words were truth, and of love for the One who loved her so dearly. She knew that to be close to hear His know Him...was the ONE THING.

What does sitting at Jesus' feet mean? To hang out in the middle of my living room floor as I wait for the clouds to part and a booming voice to speak to me? That I never actually do anything but just sit and read my Bible?

C.H. Spurgeon explains: It meant, also, service, for though Mary was not apparently engaged in waiting upon Christ as Martha was, yet she was, in very truth, ministering unto him in a deeper and truer sense... The first duty, indeed, of the student to the tutor is that he be cheerful in accepting, and diligent in retaining, what is taught... In that same spirit, had the Master only intimated it, she would have risen to wash his feet, or anoint his head, or wait at table, as Martha did; but she would, while she was performing these active duties, have continued spiritually in her first posture; she could not, of course, have continued literally sitting at the feet of the Saviour, but her heart would have remained in the condition which that posture indicates. She was in the fittest position for service, for she waited to hear what her Lord would have her to do.

Spurgeon goes on to say: Imagine not that to sit at Jesus' feet is a very small, unmeaning thing. It means peace, for they who submit to Jesus find peace through his precious blood. It means holiness, for those who learn of Jesus learn no sin, but are instructed in things lovely and of good repute. It means strength, for they that sit with Jesus, and feed upon him, are girded with his strength; the joy of the Lord is their strength. It means wisdom, for they that learn of the Son of God understand more than the ancients because they keep his statutes. It means zeal, for the love of Christ fires hearts that live upon it, and they that are much with Jesus become like Jesus, so that the zeal of the Lord's house eats them up.

Tonight at church Luke 24:32 was part of the message, and this verse seemed to explain what God has been doing in my heart as of late: And they said to one another, "Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?"

In this passage the resurrected Christ, though unrecognized by Cleopas and another man, went through the Scriptures (what we know as the Old Testament) to show how every book pictures or prophesies about Him. These truths stirred the hearts of the men, leading to an invitation for Jesus to "abide" with them. Then, as Jesus broke bread with the men, "their eyes were open and they knew Him."

They heard Jesus' words. They chose to abide with Him. He revealed Himself to them.

I can use my camera to take photos of people who cannot afford to buy them but doing so is not the ONE THING NEEDED.

I can blog about needs, causes, and injustices but doing so is not the ONE THING NEEDED.

I can read about nutrition, recycling, treading softly, attachment, parenting, and raising a healthy family but doing so is not the ONE THING NEEDED.

I can fight against human trafficking with every ounce of my being but doing so is not the ONE THING NEEDED.

Yes, these are good things, but they are not the ONE THING.

Yes, I will continue to do these things but, by God's grace, they will not be my ONE THING.

Again, Spurgeon: One thing is needful—let the rest go. What if we have not learning?—what if we have not eloquence? If we live near to Christ, we have something better than all these; if we abide in him, and he abides in us, we shall go and bring forth fruit, and our fruit shall remain; if he abides in us, we shall enjoy heaven on earth, and be daily preparing of that eternal heaven which is to be our portion. "One thing is needful." God grant it to every one of us!—Amen.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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if you'd like an invite to M's blog, just shoot me an email.

Happy Thursday!

Monday, April 13, 2009

odds and other odds

The CWA Hope Project will be updating their waiting child list any day is the link. Looks like there are 46 children ready to be matched with their families and 3 still waiting from the last photolist.

Does anyone need me to mail you the 37 tons of Easter candy that somehow found its way into my house this weekend?

An historic day. M actually asked me to take his picture with the flowers. This is what he did when I told him to smile:

This is him when I told him to smell the flowers...see the nostril flare?:

Is anyone else totally burnt out on blogging? I feel like all of my posts read like this: blahblah BLAH blah blah blahblahblah BLAH blah blah.

Friday, April 10, 2009

tasting forgiveness

A baked ham. Deviled eggs. Peeps, jelly beans, and chocolate bunnies.

No matter what your favorite Easter treat, my wish for you this Resurrection Sunday is that you taste the sweet forgiveness found only in Jesus Christ.

Tasting Forgiveness - Robbie Seay Band

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

surrounded by beauty...and chocolate!

Last Friday I invited 5 lovely women to my house for an evening of fun. We had homemade salsa, smoked peppercorn cheese, crab dip, Pioneer Woman's yogurt cream and berries , and ooey gooey brownies.

We also had a chocolate taste test. I purchased ALL milk chocolate bars so we could compare apples to apples:





The winning chocolate bar was Ghiardelli's. Yes, the food was great...but the best part of the evening was the fellowship...hearing what God is doing in each of my friends' lives. As they spoke of their love for God and desire to know Him more, my home filled with beauty and the wafting fragrance from a bouquet of fresh spring flowers.

Here is M helping make the brownies:


Sunday, April 5, 2009

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Friday, April 3, 2009

discipline? behavior mgmt? layin' down the law?


As mentioned in the previous post, I've been thinking a lot about M's heart...spurred on by his behavior of late. We know that behavior is an outflow of the heart (Proverbs 4:23) and that, without an internal change, any external changes may be helpful to our sanity momentarily but not truly beneficial for the child eternally.

While each parent should seek God's will and wisdom for their parenting through prayer and scripture, I always love hearing what God is doing in the lives of, if anyone is interested in a discussion, here are my questions. You don't have to answer ALL of the questions to participate!

- What do you believe the parent's role is in regards to the child's relationship with God?

- Do you talk to your child about the gospel when you deal with behavior issues? If yes, how? If not, why not?

- Regarding outright defiance against your authority, how to you handle such occurences?
(i.e. do you give warnings, do you deal differently with blatant disobedience than with tantrums or other issues, does the child's safety in the matter have an effect on your response--such as "stay out of the street" versus "pick up your toys"?)

That's all for now...gotta get ready for a chocolate taste test tonight!!

Happy weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

inspired by stefanie (ni hao y'all)

I clicked on my blog and was going to do a new post about...NOTHING. Because I have NOTHING. So instead I decided to check out sweet Stefanie...who had just published a post saying SHE had NOTHING! (although, in reality, she had some really cute SOMETHINGS).

I guess stuff is going on...I've
got a WACAP pre-app sitting on the desk in front of me.
been ruminating a lot lately on parenting...and on the heart of my child.
planning a Ladies' Night with some awesome friends for tonight!
been given a cool opportunity recently by God to use photography to serve others.
been praying much more than I ever have before.

I hope that today, whether your day is filled with lots of somethings or lots of nothings...whether in the exciting or in the mundane...that you use it ALL to glorify God!