Monday, April 13, 2009

odds and other odds

The CWA Hope Project will be updating their waiting child list any day is the link. Looks like there are 46 children ready to be matched with their families and 3 still waiting from the last photolist.

Does anyone need me to mail you the 37 tons of Easter candy that somehow found its way into my house this weekend?

An historic day. M actually asked me to take his picture with the flowers. This is what he did when I told him to smile:

This is him when I told him to smell the flowers...see the nostril flare?:

Is anyone else totally burnt out on blogging? I feel like all of my posts read like this: blahblah BLAH blah blah blahblahblah BLAH blah blah.


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Our chocolate is getting ready to hit the bottom of the trash can!

Don't get burnt out on blogging! I try just to give myself a break. My posts don't have to be funny and my pictures don't have to be perfect. I think we create too much pressure for perfection.

dan and rachel said...

hey tish!
i agree with rebecca. i was burnt out on blogging, but now i mostly just post what i think my family will like to see. i write my posts in a few minutes and don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. pressure free blogging! :) YAY!
i always like your posts!

Tish said...

thanks R & R for the encouragement! i don't feel pressure...i just find myself being drawn to do other things!

The Family K. said...

BTDT w/the blogging burnout. I definitely go through seasons. Hopefully, though, you won't burn out for good. I need my routine M. & Family fix.

Terry said...

Tish, I understand your blogger thoughts too, I enjoy reading them, but get stuck on what to post. Your stories are enlightening and your pictures are very good! M's expressions are so cute!

PS - I take the candy to work - they eat anything there!

Lisa said...

What do you mean the 37 tons at your house? I guess I mistakenly presumed it had ALL ended here! LOL

Hey, chocolate freezes beautifully! ;)

Tish, the pics are great as always! I laughed at his "smile" shot, but you will treaure that in years to come!

As for the blogging.....I feel that way about my posts sometimes too....but for some reason I never tire of anyone don't worry, I'm still reading and enjoying!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

The nostril flare - HAHAHAHAH! He's so friggen handsome I can hardly stand it! Send me any robin's egg you may have procured. I love those thingies!

Burt on blogging? NAH! I always have lots of nothing to say!

Tami said...

Oh Tish my dear, your posts are NEVER bla, blah, blah, BLAH bla...:-)

I love the nose fare!!!! Oh man, did I LOL....and I'm lovin' M's haircut...he's getting more and more handsome every day (if that's even possible)!!!

Speaking of boys are into the long shaggy hairstyle that is running rampant in our school. AARRRGGGHHHH....I think I may take some scissors upstairs right you think I could do an OK job while they are sleeping??? Can you IMAGINE what they would do when they got up in the morning and walked groggily into the bathroom and looked in the mirror???? Oh man....

My mantra has been... it's only have to pick your battles.

OK, thanks for the therapy outlet...I feel much better now....until TOMORROW...when I see them walk out the door to go to school with hair in their eyes!!!!!

BREATHE. Im done.


Jon and Em said...

your posts are hardly blah, blah, blahblaahhaah!