Wednesday, April 15, 2009

new post on private blog

click HERE!

if you'd like an invite to M's blog, just shoot me an email.

Happy Thursday!


Rebecca said...

Hey chickie!!

Just catching up with you... I love the pics of the flowers (especially M smelling them, that made me laugh!!) And I LOVE the shot of the wine glasses with the pink ribbon! Why wasn't I invited?? (Maybe because I live five thousand miles away from warm weather like yours???) :)

Oh well, I can't complain... the sun is out today! It might hit 60! Woo-wooooo!

Off to check out the ultra top-secret private blog now! :)

Love you,

Rebecca said...

Your photos look GREAT!!! Don't you DARE stop posting them!

That's funny that you couldn't see the sunburn/lipstick... because remember on your pictures of M you said your camera really saturated reds and you had to de-saturate it?

That's weird.

Better get back to my laundry...