Sunday, February 12, 2012

purchases for silas!

countdown to taiwan!

we've been scrambling to get things in order, and it looks like we leave for taiwan on feb 16! we will arrive in taipei on the 17th, fly to taitung on the 18th to meet silas, hang out there and then fly back to taipei on the 22nd for our AIT appt on the 23rd. then, on the 24th, it's home sweet home!

we are taking M with us, which is exciting (we want him to see his birth country)and terrifying (he sleeps nowhere but his own bed, so we may have a miserably tired 5 yr old on our hands).

other plans include meeting silas' birth mother and nannies...attending church in taitung...and giving a presentation on human trafficking!

prayers appreciated!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

officially a family of 4

rec'd a text at 4am this morning...silas is now officially ours! we hope to travel at the end of february as everything shuts down in taiwan for CNY.

while i'm crazy excited that this little guy is now part of our family, my biggest hope if for him to be part of God's family. i've already started a prayer journal for him, as i have for M, and i am grateful for the privilege of praying for this child...that he will adore and treasure Christ.

jenna asked if i was resurrecting my blog (i have been away for so long...busy with our anti-human trafficking org), so i am not really sure. blogging became a time-sucking idol for me, and yet i remember how invaluable i found blogs as a pre-adoptive the Lord leads!

oh, be sure to check out jenna's blog...she gives away stuff. cha ching!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

adopting again!

after some twists and turns and lots of waiting, we are preparing to bring home our second son from taiwan. we are waiting on the final ruling so that we can get an AIT appt and go pick up that little punk!

trying to wrap my brain around diapers and bottles and sleepless nights again....eeeeeee!