Sunday, February 12, 2012

purchases for silas!

countdown to taiwan!

we've been scrambling to get things in order, and it looks like we leave for taiwan on feb 16! we will arrive in taipei on the 17th, fly to taitung on the 18th to meet silas, hang out there and then fly back to taipei on the 22nd for our AIT appt on the 23rd. then, on the 24th, it's home sweet home!

we are taking M with us, which is exciting (we want him to see his birth country)and terrifying (he sleeps nowhere but his own bed, so we may have a miserably tired 5 yr old on our hands).

other plans include meeting silas' birth mother and nannies...attending church in taitung...and giving a presentation on human trafficking!

prayers appreciated!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

officially a family of 4

rec'd a text at 4am this morning...silas is now officially ours! we hope to travel at the end of february as everything shuts down in taiwan for CNY.

while i'm crazy excited that this little guy is now part of our family, my biggest hope if for him to be part of God's family. i've already started a prayer journal for him, as i have for M, and i am grateful for the privilege of praying for this child...that he will adore and treasure Christ.

jenna asked if i was resurrecting my blog (i have been away for so long...busy with our anti-human trafficking org), so i am not really sure. blogging became a time-sucking idol for me, and yet i remember how invaluable i found blogs as a pre-adoptive the Lord leads!

oh, be sure to check out jenna's blog...she gives away stuff. cha ching!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

adopting again!

after some twists and turns and lots of waiting, we are preparing to bring home our second son from taiwan. we are waiting on the final ruling so that we can get an AIT appt and go pick up that little punk!

trying to wrap my brain around diapers and bottles and sleepless nights again....eeeeeee!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

yes, i still have a son...and a new post on the private blog!

OK, I know this has pretty much turned into an anti-trafficking blog, but actually i don't spend AS MUCH time on the issue as it may appear by my posts. A good amount of time, yes, but I have been really trying to keep it in check...asking GOd not to let me be diverted from my first ministry, my family. And thankfully, thankfully, thankGODfully, M has been napping like a champ it helps to balance things.

So...there is a new post on the private blog...and photos (although only 3 are of M as I've been trying to give him a little break from the hard life of modeling...and now my camera is in the fix-it shop!

I honestly miss checking in on blogs...seeing what you all are up to...and I hope those of you whose blogs I've followed will know that (I say this genuinely and sincerely) I think of you often!!!

New blog post on PRIVATE BLOG.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vegas UPdate

Here is an update letter I sent to my email buds who were praying for the trip, but I know that many of my blog readers were praying, too, so wanted to share here, as well.

I wanted to send an update of the Vegas event and a note of gratitude for your prayers! Both Terri and I were blessed by the experience and feel it was a confirmation that we are moving in the right direction...God's direction.

- we totally got taken by our taxi driver and ended up paying double what we expected to pay (based on info from both the web and our hotel). the quote was, "i could see our hotel from the airport...why can't i see it now????"

- we totally got taken by our hotel when our room was not ready (and would not be ready for another 2 hours)..but we could take a smoking room or pay extra $ for an upgraded room that was ready. the quote was, "what do we expect? we're in sin city!"

- we got to the rally location, i pulled out my camera only to find that my lens had $300-most-favorite-shoot-with-all-the-time lens. the quote was, "bummer" as now photography will be put on hold for awhile!

- we did not march down the strip but instead planted ourselves at a busy intersection of the strip. this was actually probably a better situation because we were able to talk to the people stopped at the traffic lights...but we were hoping to witness some action taking place just to understand what it looks like...what to look for.

- the event drew fewer people than expected

- i accidentally took full strength dramamine instead of less-drowsy...i was a total ZOMBIE.

- prior to the rally terri and i discussed many questions we had about various topics, and they were answered so clearly in both the rally speeches and in one-on-one conversations with random people we met. lots of "ah-ha!" moments

- God gave us great favor with the Shared Hope staff, including the founder and her husband, and we feel like this relationship will be vital for our future plans. they even invited us to dinner after the rally! we still aren't 100% certain that we will become official SHI advocates (only because we might then have to get every move approved before we act), but SHI does come alongside and support existing local orgs, so that might be an option.

- important connections were made with people, both individuals and organizations, who have been working against trafficking and can serve as mentors for us as we move forward.

- we met a trafficking survivor who is now running a safe home for victims in DC. it was invaluable to hear firsthand information about the physical and mental brutality that victims endure, and her words made an impact on our hearts and, more importantly, a shift in our perspectives.

- one very specific prayer i prayed was that, during the march, a big gust of wind would come and blow flyers everywhere...just to get them into the hands of people whom we would not see that night. shortly after i made my way to one corner of the intersection, the wind blew and a young woman's flyers went flying across the parking lot. she turned around to go after them and i squealed, "no! i prayed for that! let them blow!"

- the event received GREAT media attention

- we ate dinner with the SHI staff at PF CHang's in Planet Hollywood. you know i had those amazing banana spring rolls...yeah, baby! anyway, as we waited in valet for our car, i noticed a young girl walking toward us. she could not have been more than 15 and yet here she was, all alone, dressed in a short dress and ridiculously high heels. her blonde hair was tousled and her skin pasty white. she looked sad...and vacant. not the vacant look of drug use...but just vacant. as she got closer to us i smiled at her...and she half-heartedly smiled in return...then she walked past us. was she a prostituted child? was she a victim of trafficking? i cannot say for certain but felt in my heart it was true. and it was hard not to run after her, hard not to ask her if she was OK...but even harder to know that i DIDN'T do those things. to think of what that girl may have just come from or may have been going to breaks my heart but fuels me to move forward in this fight for lost innocence.

- we have much to pray about and discuss and consider. we have people to contact and research to gather. we have friends and family to inform, money to raise, and decisions to make. most importantly, we have a God to seek. and as we make HIM our priority, He will make the rest happen. He will.

- if you would like to be on an email list to receive updates and prayer requests, please respond to this email and indicate "UPDATE/PRAYER LIST." if you would like to participate by taking action in the hands-on tasks, please respond to this email and indicate "TO-DO LIST". To-do list peeps will also receive prayer requests and updates.

- again, we thank you for your prayers!!! please take a moment now to thank and praise God for answering them!!! terri and i were richly blessed by His grace and love during our trip!

i apologize for my rotten typing in this email...two full strength dramamine in less than 24 hours has taken its toll on me!

MUCH love to you!!!!
tish & terri

Thursday, June 11, 2009

stuff of no real importance

took this pic with my cell phone the other day. i actually have a few other pics of M to post but time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future! leave for trafficking event in vegas tomorrow and doors are really opening here, too. like faster than i can say "i'll take door number 2, please!" seems as if i'm walking on a treadmill and God just switched the speed to SUPAH FAST! thankfully, He has raised up an army of fab chicas with a heart for this issue of human it is unbelievably exciting to see what God is doing/will do.

i've decided M is going to be a lawyer...he has the gift of arguing a point and the tenacity to see his argument to the bitter end. i would say it was cute if i wasn't living the effects of it right now. sadly...and i know toddlers say random things...the other day he told me he wasn't in our family. i asked whose family he thought he was in and he said "nobody." so i just reminded him he was part of our family and sang a song about it...but, even if it was just a toddler thing, it made my heart sad.

though he really doens;t have much interest at this time, M did actually go on his little toilet and squealed in surprise, "it's so funny!!!!"

hope your week is beautiful and blessed!'s been so long since i have blogged that i posted this and then thought, "oh, yeah, i have a private blog, too!"