Wednesday, June 17, 2009

yes, i still have a son...and a new post on the private blog!

OK, I know this has pretty much turned into an anti-trafficking blog, but actually i don't spend AS MUCH time on the issue as it may appear by my posts. A good amount of time, yes, but I have been really trying to keep it in check...asking GOd not to let me be diverted from my first ministry, my family. And thankfully, thankfully, thankGODfully, M has been napping like a champ it helps to balance things.

So...there is a new post on the private blog...and photos (although only 3 are of M as I've been trying to give him a little break from the hard life of modeling...and now my camera is in the fix-it shop!

I honestly miss checking in on blogs...seeing what you all are up to...and I hope those of you whose blogs I've followed will know that (I say this genuinely and sincerely) I think of you often!!!

New blog post on PRIVATE BLOG.

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dan and rachel said...

so glad that M is napping for you! loved your recent post on the private blog!

miss you!