Thursday, April 2, 2009

inspired by stefanie (ni hao y'all)

I clicked on my blog and was going to do a new post about...NOTHING. Because I have NOTHING. So instead I decided to check out sweet Stefanie...who had just published a post saying SHE had NOTHING! (although, in reality, she had some really cute SOMETHINGS).

I guess stuff is going on...I've
got a WACAP pre-app sitting on the desk in front of me.
been ruminating a lot lately on parenting...and on the heart of my child.
planning a Ladies' Night with some awesome friends for tonight!
been given a cool opportunity recently by God to use photography to serve others.
been praying much more than I ever have before.

I hope that today, whether your day is filled with lots of somethings or lots of nothings...whether in the exciting or in the mundane...that you use it ALL to glorify God!


The Family K. said...

WACAP application? Ooohh... "nothing"?!! Spill the beans, lady!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Girl, you always have something!

Am I an idiot? (Don't answer that.) What is WACAP? Am I behind in the world of acronyms? Inform, please.

Tracy said...

Your post reminded me of the children's book The Gift of Nothing. There is also a book Just Like Heaven...both by Patrick McDonnell. If you haven't read them, give them a try.

dan and rachel said...

wow, if that's nothing, i'd be really curious to see your "something"! :) very exciting stuff, tish!

Rebecca said...

OK the WACAP app is NOT nothing. :)

Andrea said...

And you need to leave it sitting right there until you are ready to do something with it...not when everyone else is ready for you to.
God doesn't always want us to move fast.
Slow is OK ,too.

This Nothing REALLY is alot of Something.