Wednesday, April 22, 2009

tagged by phatchik

OK, so J from Phatchik posted that she had been tagged and then cheated and "tagged" everyone who read the post. Now we all know that cheaters never prosper, but then she sent me a desperately-seeking-taggers email and practically begged me to participate, so I caved to the blog pressure. Just kidding...she didn't. J did not grovel in the least...she bribed with chocolate instead....HOW.I.WISH.

Per J: Here are the rules for "8 THINGS":1.) Mention the person that tagged you.2.) Complete the lists of 8's.3.) Tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends. 4.) Go tell them you tagged them!


1.) going to bed tonight

2.) returning a hideous children's video to the library tomorrow

3.) starting to exercise again (because the booty boot camp video is gathering major dust)

4.) payday this friday! oh, wait, i don't get paid.

5.) time alone with superScott.....grrrrr

6.) rare self-initiated affection from M

7.) learning more about human trafficking and then kicking its butt

8.) seeing Jesus face-to-face...and seeing my mom again


1.) woke up too early

2.) felt bad that i got snippy with a lady who answered the phone as "Esther" (or some E name) and then, when i explained how i had previously left a message and rec'd no response, she admitted to being someone else! what??? ok, i guess i didn't feel THAT bad about being snippy since i am obviously still snippy.

3.) ate salami and jelly beans

4.) attended a fundraiser for a pregnancy center

5.) watched in awe as a lady sang a song about having aborted twins as a teen...and then, by God's mercy and grace, gave birth to twins later in life. then watched in utter amazement as the CD for her second song went haywire and she bravely sang a cappella through almost the entire thing with the music loudly scratching in and out. STANDING O!

6.) ate a huge chicken breast that must have belonged to Big Bird himself...covered with seasonings and spicy peppers. nothing like having a runny nose at a banquet when your table is smack dab in the middle of the room.

7.) pondered this statement i overheard: Be intolerant because some things are just plain stupid.

8.) stayed up too late editing pics from a photoshoot at a local school


1.) meet followers of Christ from around the world and see what faith looks like when you don't have the Bible translated in your language...what worship music sounds like when you don't have a band...what a prayer of gratitude sounds like when all that is on the plate in front of you is rice.

2.) respond to M in patience, gentleness, and grace for an entire day

3.) be more organized...have a little more schedule in my life

4.) take photos like Jasmine *

5.) sing WELL...and dance like the brazilians do

6.) hug someone who is hurting right now

7.) wiggle my nose and have a pan full of brownies with cream cheese frosting sitting in front of me...and then wiggle it again and have the brownies and myself on the beach in SoCal

8.) see people i love open their hearts to Jesus


1.) The Office

2.) The Office

3.) The Office

4.) The Office

5.) The Office

6.) The Office

7.) The Office

8.) The Office

Since I don't care about prospering at this moment, I am going to cheat and tag YOU...yes, YOU, ya lil' bloggy reader. Don't try to sneak out of here by hitting that back button really quick-like. I have FEED-JIT...I know where you live! So get to work on your "8 things" tag!


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

You are too funny and have one cool faith!

Tami said...

Tish~ You crack me up!

One item I would put down on my '8 things I wish I could do list'...would be to meet you!!


dan and rachel said...

tish, that was very entertaining -- you are hilarious! have a great day!

Andrea said...

Awww Crap! Do you know anyone else from MISSISSIPPI???



Anonymous said...

Ubber cool?!? I-I-I'm blushing!

I'm so glad you did this! You're so cute and fun and adorable and chocoholic! I ♥ you!!!

And then to see that you too tagged all your readers instead of 8 specific bloggers - well, I couldn't have been more proud.

Lisa said...

oo, we are fans of the Office too! Scott would even qualify as fanatical! :) LOL

That was good stuff!
~hugs, Lisa

Rebecca said...

I am NOT doing this. NOT. I refuse. but I still love you. :) And I loved reading all your answers. You are the coolest chick, hands down!

I would love to dance like the Brazilians do too. Maybe you could take some classes and that would qualify as starting to exercise again? There ya go!