Monday, April 27, 2009

is this the cure for a sleepless child???

I haven't been blogging...or visiting blogs...very much lately because I have been using M's naptime to to pray and read my Bible. For some reason even when I have a quiet time in the morning, I crave it again in the afternoon. And it's been good. Ephesians is rockin' my world!

But the funny thing about it is that, since I started doing this, M HAS BEEN TAKING LONGER NAPS!!!!!!!

Not even kidding.

Can't wait to visit your blogs and see what's been going on in your lives!!!!!


Nichol Naranjo said...

What better way to use his nap time!! It's no wonder God has chosen to bless you for this!!
Keep it up Tish!! Ephesians is amazing!!!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Good for you! I am trying to kick up my Bible study as well.

The Family K. said...

The Lord speaks mightily through you, my friend, and today I think he's reminding me of what I should also be doing during William's naptimes.

Rebecca said...

Love Ephesians too!!!

loffer said...

My lack of blog hopping is from getting rid of the Internet. It has been great but I miss spending time seeing what is going on with everyone!

It's funny that you mention your devotion time, because I got up early this morning and read my devotions, which is a great start to the day. However, at some point I became tired and cranky from getting up too early and I haven't exactly been behaving in a Christ-like manner.

Thankfully He is patient with me!


Tami said...

God provides!! Love those long naps:-). OX~Tam

Lisa said...

That truly is a blessing in more than one way. :)


dan and rachel said...

soak it up, girl!!!! i haven't been visiting blogs so frequently either and i gotta admit, it's been great to get OFF the computer. i love reading what everyone is up to, but am not so crazy about the "stuck behind a computer" part of it!

Andrea said...

M. is taking longer naps?!?!?!
In the words of the great Austin Powers~
I plan to finish Psalms on the plane...i hope. Last time I slept the whole trip.;)


Ohilda said...

Isn't God awesome? I think you've inspired me to start hitting mine more often, too.