Tuesday, May 5, 2009

alive and kickin'

We are still here! Absent by choice. Thanks for the concerned emails! The motherboard on our laptop fried the other day, which makes "checking in" on your blogs more difficult...since M despises being in our office where the PC is located. Plus our PC is super slow because I have a billion photos on it...yet I can't get in here to remove them. Did I mention that M despises being in our office? Yes, it's that ugly! Still...I'm kinda enjoying NOT having the laptop...especially at night!

I have photos to upload. And some stuff to share from Ephesians...I just cannot pull myself away from it! M seems to be growing like a weed...and is still in the deep end of TWO. The rollercoaster of emotions is exhausting...the demanding, the disobedience, the drama...we're all ready for bed right after dinner!


Will try to catch up soon!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're alive!! I check the blog every day and yesterday I told myself, 'Self! If that chica isn't blogging by manana, I'm sending a concerned email!"

Whew! Luckily you know my limits!

Jon and Em said...

what??? are you trying to tell us that the sweet, adorable, little innocent child in that photo is causing all of those things??? nonsense! :)

dan and rachel said...

cute pic of M and i LOVE the bubble gun. very fun!

glad you are enjoying ephesians. maybe i'll make my way to that book. i was trying to start Romans with a commentary (two actually) and just wasn't as into it as i had hoped. i think it was the commentaries that were disappointing to me.

ah, the twos. i found three to be much easier for Jude. deep breath. this too shall pass and in the meantime, try to enjoy him. (i know you DO!!!) i am amazed at how quickly these little guys grow up! more than ever, i am reminded of how important it is to enjoy them and try to soak in every moment.

Tami said...

Cute as ever and loving the bubble machine!! Sounds like M's right on target, for all that's worth...Owen is 6 going on 7 and i still see way to much of the 2s in him;-)....sigh....but I still love him to pieces!!!

I love Ephesians as well...can't wait to read your posts!


Andrea said...

That little monkey!
That's it...as soon as we get settled you two are coming to Mississippi.
M only thinks he is BAD...2 days with Rachel Kate and he will be as meek as a lamb.
She just does that to people. LOL!
Start Packin'.


Lisa said...

Been missing you, but totally understand!! Great pic!!

Shannon said...

demanding, disobedience, drama you say?!? ugh. i feel your pain. griffin is there as well. last night i looked at pics from a year ago and saw how different he looks and felt so guilty for not parenting him the way i wish i could every moment he pushes my buttons - b/c he is growing so fast - and i'm sure a year from now i'll look back and think about how little he looks now. i want to live in each moment - but the bad ones?!? hmm. of course tonight when i said, let's pray - and before i could start, he started "dear god, thank you for this muck-a-muck (guacamole), this strawberry, this chicken, this quesadilla, these chips. amen." those moments more than make up for it. :) hang in there, friend.