Friday, May 29, 2009

stuffed crust blogpost

Some updates:

Human Trafficking - had my awareness event last night, and God blessed me with some AWESOME guests! SO cool to see how God might use their unique interests, gifts, and connections to bring light to this dark issue. If you are interested in learning more but don't have time to do research, I would be happy to share my powerpoint with you. It touches on trafficking in general then zooms in on trafficking to meet the growing demands of the commercial sex industry. Just email me at 1sttimemama1 AT gmail DOT com.

Cool thing...while I was preparing for this event, my half-hour napper suddenly became a TWO-HOUR NAPPER! Shout out! What a blessing!

OOPS! - OK, awhile back I got Lightroom for editing photos and did so through what I thought to be a completely legal manner. As I was recently trying to transfer the LR to another computer since our old one bit the dust, I found out that it was NOT legal! Talk about feeling HORRIBLE!!!! Yes, I could go on using the LR and no one would ever know...but I know. And God knows. And I do not want to sin against my good God. So....I went crawling back to picnik with my jpegs yesterday....and it was like trying to perform open heart surgery with a grapefruit spoon. Here are some of the pics:

Scott informed me the other day that he is taking a pledge not to watch any shows that don't have a laugh track. Whaaaaat?

Lil' M asked "what is mama's name?" I said, "mama." He was not satisfied and asked the question again, so I responded, "Mama's name is Tish, but what do you call me?" He stated, "Babes!" Matthew calls mama "babes" like daddy."

I've missed you guys, so I will try to check out all your new blog posts this afternoon!!!! Can't wait to see what is going on in your lives!!!


Jenna said...

Oh, Chloe went through a LOOONNNGGG phase from age 2-3 when she would refer to Scot and I by our first names. People kept telling me to ignore it and make it no big deal and she'd stop. She did, but it took a year. There were some awkward moments in there too! Then she started calling us both "Honey". :)

So glad your trafficking event went well. That's SO exciting!

LOVE the pictures of M- I don't notice the difference!

The Family K. said...

That first picture of M. is stunning. I love the colors and contrasts.

2 hour nap? Woo-hoo! If he's anything like my first child, it only gets better the older he gets.

Kudos to you for standing up for the voiceless with your presentation and equipping others to do the same.

Nichol Naranjo said...

Tish, the event was a true God send!! Like I said last night....WELL DONE!!
To think God will one day say the same to you! ;0)

I love the pics, especially the one where M is playing dress up!! Beyond adorable!!

Babes huh? Love it!!!!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Glad your event went well. I watched "Born into Brothels" last night. Ever seen it?

dan and rachel said...

great pics, tish! M is so handsome! glad your event went well and that M took a good nap for you!

have a great weekend!

Lisa said...

Oh that's just too cute. Ah yes, I remember the days of being called "Lisa & Scott" they are always so pleased with themselves too!

The pics. are glorious as is the news of the 2 hour nap! I think he knew you needed that time to prep for such an important night!

Good for you bringing awareness to the trafficking cause!
Hope your weekend was grand!

Kimi said...

Oh my Tish,

These pictures of M blow me away...You are really awesome...ever thought about starting a business?

I'm glad your event went well. You have such a great heart, we did a spiritual gifts test in Bible fellowship this past Sunday...I bet I can guess what one of yours is.

Hey I just put up a video of Vivi Jo on my blog at your request. She had so much fun that I'm sure there will be more.