Tuesday, April 7, 2009

surrounded by beauty...and chocolate!

Last Friday I invited 5 lovely women to my house for an evening of fun. We had homemade salsa, smoked peppercorn cheese, crab dip, Pioneer Woman's yogurt cream and berries , and ooey gooey brownies.

We also had a chocolate taste test. I purchased ALL milk chocolate bars so we could compare apples to apples:





The winning chocolate bar was Ghiardelli's. Yes, the food was great...but the best part of the evening was the fellowship...hearing what God is doing in each of my friends' lives. As they spoke of their love for God and desire to know Him more, my home filled with beauty and joy...like the wafting fragrance from a bouquet of fresh spring flowers.

Here is M helping make the brownies:



The Family K. said...


I love the shine in M's eyes in the picture.

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Saw this on Salsa in China and have wanted to do it ever since. LOVE the wine glasses. I'll have to copy that one when we do it!

What a fun chick you are! :-)

Stefanie said...

That looks like FUN!! Chocolate in a wine glass is so much better than WINE :)
How come I live too far away to come to these kinds of things at your house...

Jenna said...

Oh, good- I'm not the only person still left on the face of the planet that lets my kids lick the raw-egg filled batter right off the spoon? That's a relief since other people make me feel like I have three heads for doing that!! :)

LOVE the chocolate taste-testing idea!! LOVE it!

Lisa said...

That sounds delicious for the taste buds and delicious for the soul! What fun & I love the idea of the chocolate chunks in the stemware!! Clever!!
~hugs, Lisa

dan and rachel said...

tish, that sounds like a fabulous evening! how wonderful! there's nothing like friendship!

Tami said...

Oh, chocolate is my love language!! (Yes, I added a new category:-).

This looks like SO MUCH FUN...You sure know how to have a party..I'll be copying this one for sure...thanks for sharing!


loffer said...

Man, I want to come next time! Seriously, I would fly to the other side of the country for that kind of fun!!!

Lora O.

Yvonne Crawford said...

um... wish I was one of those ladies who were invited. Sounds like a great time!

Kimi said...

What a fun night....man it's a shame I don't live close...I would for sure invite myself....lol...ooops, what am I talking about???? I am on a diet...I guess that would just have to be a cheat day :-). I have way to may of those already.

I love the picture of M and his choco face!

I am working on a response to your email. You are so sweet, and I feel so blessed to know you...even if it's just through blogland!


Anonymous said...

AW! So cool! Sounds like a fun {delish!} night. Also, I lo-lo-lov-love the photos!!

Shannon R (Room for More) said...

Godly girl time and chocolate? Boy I wished we lived closer to each other : ) That last shot is delicious! He's a cutie with all that chocolate!

Jon and Em said...

thanks a lot...now my mouth is watering for a chocolate/caramel fundraiser bar!!! now they come in a bigger & better size! sounds like a great night!