Tuesday, March 31, 2009

M's book recommendations

These are M's favorite books from our latest library run. Both are fun and also contain recipes to test out with your little one!

For Shannon (this doesn't mean that if your name isn't Shannon, you can't read, too!):
Yes, I find myself making connections all the time (even though most the time it's not planned out) and going over the same idea quite a bit. I don't think it has to do with me being a good mama as much as it has to do with having a child who doesn't play by himself and who doesn't take long naps (the other day he woke after 23 minutes!) We simply have A LOT of time to fill!
As example, we recently read about the Good Shepherd from one of his bibles, and M made a little shepherd book from a template I got out of a guide. I also like to read little bits to him from my bible simply so he can see me using it! Then I drew a sheep outline on paper and let him glue cotton balls on it. Today we got out some marshmallows to use as sheep and a stick guy we made previously to serve as the shepherd....then we acted out the story with one of the marshmallows getting lost behind a candle on our table and the shepherd going to find it. Then M got to eat the sheep!


Kimi said...

Thanks M for the book recommendations! We will be sure and check them out.

Thanks for the activity ideas...you are a GREAT mama....isn't "mamaing" fun! (ya like my new word :-)


Lisa said...

Tish, many years ago we got Lauren to eat steamed brocoli by calling them tiny trees! LOL Don't really know why tree eating would seem pleasing, but she was delighted and gobbled it right up! ( and still does!)

I think you are awesome...thanks for the book tips, cuz we LOVE our books over here!...plus I love an excuse to bake yummy things! :)

dan and rachel said...

tish, you should be a sunday school teacher for preschoolers. you really know how to make these bible stories come alive! fabulous idea!

Shannon said...

thanks tish! regardless of the reason you make connections, the fact is that you DO make connections! i am going to try to think about stuff more and connect the dots for my kids...plus i love the idea of using cotton to make a sheep (and then talking about Jesus as our Shepherd) as they just learned what cotton was this week. and, we made a library trek today and brought home Chicks & Salsa...can't wait to read it!

Shannon said...

just a note to let you know that i LOVE chicks & salsa!! so funny! i think i like it more than my kids do...but they do think it's fun to say "ole" and "ooh la la"! thanks for the recommendation.