Friday, March 13, 2009

Easter is coming!

Just practicing...M was happy to oblige for photos when I whipped out a sucker the size of our nation's debt! I think it was even a little too much for him since he eventually said, "Matthew done soon" and didn't cry when I took it away. I left them unedited because M is back to "flash naps"...yesterday's was 35 I have little time for such extravagant luxuries!


Tami said...

Definitely looking like Easter!

That IS one big lollipop...great colors, and I love how you captured the drips;-).

You can't believe how many times I've heard..."Debt????? What debt???? Didn't they just balance the budget a few years ago? You mean there's a difference between the deficit and the national debt? HELLOOOO?!! AAARRRGGHHHH!!!


The Family K. said...

M. is really starting to look like a big boy. Those baby cheeks are starting to fade. Either way, he's a handsome little Easter bunny.

Andrea said...

Mary calls those suckers "Lollipop Guild"...because of the little guys on Wizard of OZ.
They sang that little song..."we represent the Lollipop Guild....."
She's crazy.

Great colors!


Jon and Em said...

i especially love the one with the lollipop drool...too cute! if i were you, i'd try putting matthew down for a nap with that daddy of a lollipop one afternoon. i'm sure you'll get more than a 35 minute break:)

dan and rachel said...

tish, those pics are too cute! love the ginormous lollipop! what can the easter bunny possibly bring to compete with THAT?!

Jenna said...

Love those pics- looks very Easter-y!!! I'm with M though- that's too much lollipop!!!

Rebecca said...

AAAAH, LOVE these!! My fave is the extreme close-up... M looks so cute in all of them though, and I am lovin' that lolli! :)

kari said...

great photos! can't believe how big he looks!!! love the lollipop- great colors! you always have the best props..

Anonymous said...

First of all - M must think you're mommy of the year for handing him a sucker the size of his head.
But more importantly, WHY IS SO FRIGGEN ADORABLE?

Okay,onto your photos. AWESOME! I can't believe they're all SOOC. So good, Tish! Most of them (especially towards the end) would have perfect for Messy week on iHeartFaces!

Shannon of "Room for More" said...

goodness, he is a cutie!!!!
question: Is your house that well lit naturally or are you using a flash or adjusting your settings? please tell ; )

Fun lollipop!

Tish said...

@shannon...i never use flash...i set M near a south facing window around noon. it was cloudy but was still fairly light. if i had edited, i probably would have lightened up a bit!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Love all that colorful, Eastery, sugary, cuteness!