Saturday, March 21, 2009


I LOVE this kid:
I LOVE Play-doh...but not as much as I love the kid.
Love the kid even though he has been miserably tired the past few days...or has it been weeks...and has decided that mama is not interesting AT ALL and says things like "Matthew and Kit play and Mama goes work." For newcomers, Kit is M's aunt...and I DON'T WORK!! At least not outside the home! He is totally trying to give me the boot! I'm so glad my Play-doh people enjoy my company.

Purchasing a camera: To answer some email questions...I have the Canon Rebel Xti, which was purchased as a kit (camera body + 2 lenses). If I had to do it over again, I would not buy the kit. The 18-55mm is just adequate and I rarely use the 55mm-250mm. That being said, I do believe there are some photographers who could take AMAZING pics with a coke bottle duct taped to the camera in place of a lens, so take this with a grain of salt. I purchased the 50mm 1.4, and it is the lens I use 99.999999999% of the time. Keep in mind this lens is prime and does not zoom.
If you are looking at the Rebel, do a comparison between the Xsi and the Xti. One feature that is a nuisance with the Xti is that the smallest metering setting is PARTIAL, and you really want SPOT (which the Xsi has).
You can rent camera equipment, so you may want to consider that option before making a purchase.

Hefty, Hefty, Hefty...Although M has both blinds and drapes on his bedroom window, I thought that it might still need to be darker in his room. My reasoning for this was that he slept so well in CA, and it was pitch black in that room. I decided that, while I wanted to give it a try, I didn't want spend a bunch of money and have a failed project. So I broke out the Hefty. Actually, the generic version of Hefty. And my best packing tape...again, generic. Six big trash bags and half a roll of tape later, my baby's room was ghetto chic. And much darker! No worries, the bags are between the blinds and the drapes, so our neighbors' property value isn't going down due to my frugality. Does it work? No, not really...but not surprised.

Beauty products...My face has fallen, and it can't get up. I am aging faster than something that goes really, really fast. It doesn't help that we have NEGATIVE percent humidity right now. I wish my face could live in the bokeh of life! Any good recommendations on wrinkle cream?

A flip flop, a flippity flippity flip flip flop you don't stop a rockin'...HOORAY for flip flop season! Don't even think about baring your dogs until you grab some Curel's Foot Cream. It is a summer must-have and is less than $5, which makes me happy. It's so marvelous that your feet will send you a hand-written...err, foot-written...thank you card.

Blush, blush...I just got an email from the author of PRAY BIG FOR YOUR MARRIAGE! When I saw his name in my inbox, I recognized it, but figured it was a blogger asking for an invite to my private blog. But then I opened it and realized it was THE Will Davis, Jr! He kindly thanked me for the free airtime . I blushed...and then blushed some more.
OK, now as I look at the "blush, blush" above I am starting to sing it to the tune of "Hush, Hush" by Til Tuesday...which you will only know if you are ancient like me. So in my head I am singing, "blush, blush, keep it down now, blog posts carry..." because I am assuming the Pastor found my blog by googling "pray big for your marriage." BAM! And there I little blog post carrying its words around the cyberworld...which confirms my decision to go private with M's blog. And reminds me not to write any posts about al-KY-duh!


Andrea said...

WEXLER 3N1 moisturizer @ B@th&B0dy W0rkS.

CAN'T live without it.

Matthew has to be the most precious little man in NM...even when he's grumpy.
Love that kid!


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

That was some serious postpourri!

Sorry that the Hefty's didn't cut the mustard. Impressive effort!

Sorry that M is trying to bump you off to work. I bet he still thinks you're the cat's pajamas!

dan and rachel said...

we put up an old quilt over the windows in indi's room after noticing she slept later on vacation and it actually worked for us!!!

how cool that the author emailed you!

what a sweet boy you have! i was quite impressed with your play-doh skills as well!

Stefanie said...

Lovin' the randomness... thanks for a glimpse inside that pretty head of yours :)
P.S. I best be gettin' an invite to the private blog... right??? I'm hooked, you can't cut me off, man!!!

Tami said...

Tish....You're just so creative with your blog the title and the content. If you go private, which it sounds like you may, please send me an invite.

Love your play-doh person. How cool are those lips!


Rebecca said...

Wow, a thank you from THE author? Nice!

I had to laugh about what M said. Deep down, you know, he really can't live without his mama... I bet he'd be screaming for you 5 minutes after you left for work!!!

Re: beauty products, I have been using Olay Regenerist stuff ever since it came out 4 or 5 years ago. I love it. The serum is the best...

Love love!

Anonymous said...
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Jenna said...

Andrea- LOVE the code there! :)

Tish- you crack me up....but as flattering as it is that the authoer found you, that DOES make one think, huh? you know how many book titles I have put in my blog posts? Oh dear. I'm in trouble!!!!

We hang a twice (or maybe four times) folded old navy blue sheet in the window (we shut it in the top of the window) once the sun starts staying up later. When your kids go to bed at 7PM and the sun is shining bright, you kind of HAVE to. It works like a CHARM, and the added benefit is that you can push it up during the day so that M doesn't have to play in a cave! We used to do that when we lived in the city, and property values were.....err.....less of an issue. However, Scot has declared that we will NOt be doing that in our new neighborhood out here in suburbia. I beg to differ. Whatever makes my kids sleep in is what we'll be doing! :) We've always found it works VERY well.

Jenna said...

PS- I'm working on an e-mail to you in answer to your curriculum will be on it's way soon.

loffer said...

Approaching forty I have hit the eye cream - Loreal Advanced Revitalift Eye. I do what I can with the cream, and then after that I'm livin' with the results the Good Lord gave me. It also helps to have a husband that encourages me just to grow old gracefully and not worry about signs of age - gotta love a man like that!!!

I don't care what kind of camera I buy, my photos would never turn out like yours! How about you come all the way up here to Seattle and take photos of my son for me!?!:)

Lora O.