Monday, March 23, 2009


I recently read that parents are not supposed to tell kids things like "you are driving me crazy."


I would just like to know who the goody-two-shoes was that came up with that decision...and give 'em a good thump between the eyes. UNFAIR!

Finally...I was going to be on the giving end of that statement rather than the receiving end...and now it's ripped out of my hands...torn from my arsenal of mama comebacks...

and it's driving me crazy.


Tami said...

Does the author of that 'piece of advice' actually have kids????

Jenna said...

How about "you're making me bananas"? Is that acceptable? Or "you're fraying my thin thread to sanity"? Or "Calgon, take me away"?

Just asking.

Tish said... guys are funny!

Shannon of "Room for More" said...

My big one I say is "good grief" I guess that would be off limits too. You know Tish, it is all about our children's self esteem. Isn't it one of the fruits of the Spirit? ha! ; ) love ya!


Tish said...

this post was written in jest, but shannon is right about the fruits of the Spirit!

Stefanie said...

i would just like to say that i am quite certain that our mother said stuff like us to that from time to time, perhaps even worse & i'd say we turned out ok? dont you think?

dan and rachel said...

wow, everyone else was so clever that i'm kinda at a loss!

i have to admit *pre-kid* i heard a mother say that to her son and i thought it was so sad!!! i thought i would NEVER say anything so cruel! ha ha! but now i'll admit, have uttered the words myself from time to time!

very funny post, tish!

Rebecca said...

WHAT is this world coming to!!!!

Definitely crazy. :)