Wednesday, March 18, 2009

for your eyes only...

Hey, gang...I am taking this blog PRIVATE. Well, actually I am not sure yet if I will make this one password protected or just create a new private blog for personal posts about M.

If you would like an invitation for viewing, please send an email to and include your email address and blog/website address (if you have one).

Hope you are having a great Wednesday!!!!!!! (I had to look at my computer calendar to make sure it was Wednesday!)

edited2add: Hey, thanks for all the emails! When we were in CA we stayed in a new section of the resort, which was still under construction. The main resort buildings were nestled at the foot of the mountain, but our condo was higher up the hill. A few times I walked the road down the mountain, and along the entire road was a tall construction fence, obviously erected to keep guests from the danger of the steep hill. One day I noticed a breach in the opening not too big, but big enough...and on the other side just slightly down the hill was a beautiful tree with bright purple blooms. BEAUTIFUL! And it was calling my name! I wanted to smell that see the blooms up close. I walked closer to the fence and peered through the opening. I could have easily stepped through the fence...stepped away from its protection...but I turned on my heel and headed back to the road.

I have been praying lately for God's protection of our family...and yet no sooner do those words pass my lips that I also pray that WE will be diligent in building walls of protection around ourselves. Yes, God is our Protector, but we also have a responsibility.

I see that, for me, making my life (and especially the life of my child) so public is like that breach in the fence around the resort. Even with thousands of feet of protective wall along that road, just that one small opening would be enough for someone to fall to danger. My decision to go private is simply a matter of patching up that opening.

I do intend to keep a public blog for God-stuff. While I do not pretend to be a gifted writer, I know for certain that I am gifted struggler! And, if God can use my struggles (that are always outmatched by His grace) to help someone else, then thanks be to Him! Before I go private, I will post info about a public blog.


Andrea said...

I'm just sayin'


The Family K. said...

I'll be emailing you to get on your private list. We need our M. fix on a regular basis, y'know.

And for what it's worth, pshaw. You're one of the best writers out there in Taiwan APLand whose work I've been privileged to read.

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

You know I'll just have to be in your inner circle.

Stefanie said...

& i dont think i should have to send you an email requesting to be emailed. . .i'm the AUNT!

Jenna said...

"a gifted struggler"....that's good, can I use that? i think I fall into that category too (except I'm not so good at writing about it). :)

Jenna said...

PS- I had a chuckle about your "fusion" comment. That's perfect. Mexican fusion is SO underrated!!