Thursday, March 26, 2009


when do you recommend switching a babe from whole milk to 2%?

and from white milk to chocolate? haha.


Andrea said...

Mine only drink WHOLE milk...unless it is not available
and Baby! have yo ever had ORGANIC VALLEY CHOCOLATE MILK?!?!?!?
YUM!!! It is like drinkin' a melted Hershey bar..I kid you not!


Jenna said...

We made the switch to 1% at 2 years for both our kids.

My kids will drink chocolate milk, but they never finish it. I actually don't think they are crazy about it. They GUZZLE regular milk though. I can't keep the stuff in the house!

The Family K. said...

I think 2 years is usu. the recommended age, unless your child is super skinny and needs the extra fat. Mmmm.... chocolate milk.

dan and rachel said...

i think the AAP recommend switching at age 2.

Anonymous said...

As you know, my mother and I owned a childcare center until last month and we use the childcare food program for menu planning for the children as they are served breakfast, lunch and a healthy snack at the center every day. According to the guidlines, the children must drink whole milk until age 2 (they need the fat for brain development) and then they can be switched to skim unless otherwise instructed by a doctor. They, apparently, don't even need 2% or 1% as it really isn't much less fat than whole....or something.

Tish said...

but I love whole milk!!!!!!!!!!!

loffer said...

I was so interested in hearing what answers you received because, to my surprise, Jason (who will be 2 May 1st) was still on a bottle of formula mixed with powdered cereal when we picked him up! We even got a sheet that had how much to mix at what time of day with a certain amount of hot/cold water.

On Monday we go to the international doctor here, though, and hopefully he will tell us what he should actually be drinking!


ellie said...

We switched our daughter at age 2 when she was getting very chubby (she did slim down). We do however still give her one cup a day just because we think she could use a little fat - and here in Australia they don't really encourage children drinking skim milk :)

Our 6 year old is super skinny and we only give him whole milk.