Sunday, March 1, 2009

vacation wrap up

Wonderful trip! Matthew slept like a champ (at least we think he did...we put the microwave vent on high speed so he could have danced the cha cha all night and we wouldn't have known). Not kidding, but he was pretty much getting about 12 hours per night + a nap, which is totally unheard of! I was stoked thinking that we were getting into a new&improved sleep schedule...until he's been awake EARLY both mornings since returning home. Just one more reason to move to CA, right?

We lounged at the pool:

I totally blew out this photo but thought it looked cool anyway..

We flew a kite at the beach and had more fun in the sand:

We visited a park:

and we pretty much just relaxed our tails off. It was great...and did I mention that Matthew slept well? Yeah, it was GREAT! Plus, Scott and I had our evenings free from normal "tasks" so I was blessed to enjoy his company. Plus, I read the book From Congress to Brothel which I received from Shared Hope Int. and it led to a lot of prayer...which I loved. Plus, we saw pelicans...I was SO hoping to because they are such magnificent birds...huge!!!
Oh, yeah, and plus Matthew slept well!


Staci said...

You guys look so relaxed! Glad you had a good time. Love the pics of M on the beach, he's so cute!!

dan and rachel said...

AWESOME, tish! oh sleep, heavenly sleep! my kids generally do the opposite -- rough sleep on vacation, great sleep when we come home (out of sheer exhaustion!). what a lovely vacation. i'm going over to amazon to read about the book you mentioned!
have a great day!

RamblingMother said...

What a great vacay! love the pics.

Rebecca said...

Oooooh I love the pics Tish! My faves are the b&w on the beach, and the one of Matthew with all the black and white square thingies... but they are all great!!!! I feel so relaxed looking at these, like I'm right there. I guess it's the second best thing to tagging along to CA WITH you!


PS I love pelicans too!!

Sherry said...

Sounds like Matthew got more then enough sleep to stay up all night for days now:) JOKING! I hope baby M continues with the wonderful new sleep pattern. I'll keep fingers crossed for ya!

Stefanie said...

I was really trying to read the text... but I was SO blown away by your pictures I couldn't focus!!
REALLY GREAT pictures!!! Love the one with you smiling in the background. I really love all of them! WOW!!!
Glad you're back safe and sound, but sorry to hear the early bird has begun to rise again. Maybe a sound machine is in your future?

Nicole said...

You were in California? Wow-where? Every time i go to Southern California-it's never that warm! Looks like fun-great pics!
Sometimes kids sleep better on vacations b/c they're so exhausted from all the activities and playtime! :)

kari said...

YAHOO for M's sleep! i love the pic of scott- he looks so relaxed. i'm so thrilled you had a great time..

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

How wonderful! So glad M slept so well. Love the photos. So glad you got some glorious sleep.

Maybe you could buy a sound machine with ocean waves for M...either that or move a microwave into your bedroom?

Lisa said...

It sounds like it was just what you guys needed!! AND he slept!! Yahoo!! Its amazing how different the world can look when you are well rested! lol

Great the one of you and M peeking through the stone arch at the park!! Welcome home!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you all had a great time. How was M with his sleep?? Hmmmm....

Great photos!!! Welcome back!

Ann said...

looks like you guys had a great vacation

The Family K. said...

I loved the picture of M with the mirrors. Very cool.

Glad you all got some relaxation and good sleep. It sounds like it was just what you all needed.

taiwanbaby said...

there is something about sand and water that makes the kids just conk out!!! that is why we love the lake cabin!!!! kids in hats are the cutest!