Tuesday, March 17, 2009

some stuff

I am a little commitment-phobic when it comes to decorating. So rather than select, frame, and hang a few photos and then tire of them in a month, I purchased these white magnetic boards from eye-KEY-uh instead. They were about $9/each. I saw some super cool tiny, stainless steel magnets that I loved but, when adding shipping to the total, I just couldn't bring myself to pay nearly $30 for MAGNETS! So I found these little colored ball magnets for less than $3/pkg. I haven't decided which photos to put on the boards yet, but I threw some recent pics on the boards so you could get an idea of their size.

The other day we finally got some rain, so M and I played Noah's Ark! M pretended to be Noah; I played the narrator and God. Here "Noah" is building the ark:
The animals were gathered:
The ark doors were shut when it began to rain:After the rain stopped, there was a "rainbow" of rings in the sky:
The cool thing was that afternoon we really did see a rainbow in our sky! A rare occurence!


The Family K. said...

Gotta love eye-KEE-uh. We have one close by, and it's dangerous for me to go there.

You must be a natural-born teacher. What a great way to render a Bible story in such a child-friendly, hands-on way.

Rebecca said...

LOVE those magnet boards! BRILLIANT! What a fun way to display recent photos - so easy to change them out when you get some fresh ones taken!

Very cool Noah's Ark re-enactment. You're such a good mama. :)

Love you!

Stefanie said...

GOOD stuff! All of it!!

Kimi said...

I do love those magnet boards from eye-KEE-uh and just about everything else they have! I like unframed pictures myself.

I love the way you and M acted out Noah...that is a great way for kids to learn and remember!


dan and rachel said...

very neat dramatic play of noah's ark. perfect for toddlers! how cool about the rainbow! our kids LOVE box toys!

Tami said...

I'm lovin those boards!!! Great idea.

John and I often joke that for one of the boys birthdays, we should just go down to a moving store and buy one of those big refrigerator boxes for them to play with....they LOVE making forts and stuff, and the entertainment lasts for days...literally until the box falls apart!

OX, Tam

Jenna said...

OK, those magnet boards are a FABULOUS idea!!!! LOVE it!!!

The Noah's Ark idea is a great one too- I'm going to have to steal that one! Have you seen the book "Too Many Toys" by David Shannon? Your post reminded me of that!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Well, aren't you a cool mama? I see a Noah's ark afternoon in our future too. :-)

Lisa said...

OH, I love ALL of those ideas!! Fun, creative and educational....way to go Mama!
:) Hugs!

Kerry said...

Can we come play at your house? You are WAY more creative and inspired than I am as a mama...

I love, love, love the simple way you found to display your photography and easily change it on a whim. The better to enjoy the photos without distraction!

And do you ever notice that "photography" and "photos" = good quality pictures, but "pictures" = just average? You definitely take photos! :)

Andrea said...

Diggin' the ark.
The rainbow....what a creative little Mama you are.


Rebecca said...

Hey girly... on my camera it was custom function 10, shutter/ae lock button. I had it set to ae lock/af, and I shoud have had it on ae/af, no ae lock. :) I had to change that function when I took pictures of O and I with my tripod (to option 0, af/ae lock) in order for the camera to automatically focus on our faces. But when I changed it back, I went to option 1 instead of option 3.

Anonymous said...

I'm a commitment-phobe too! I can't even commit to a polish color when I get my nails done. Always French.

Love the photo-magnetic-thinga-ma-bobby-jiggers. Adorable!