Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Do I dare say it?

OK...here goes...for the past FOUR nights Matthew has slept really well! Not straight through the night but very close! And the really great thing is that, when he does wake up, he is calm, cool, and collected instead of standing at the side of his crib shouting a crazy little 1/2 grunt, 1/2 scream thing at me. Also he had gotten in the habit of doing that 1/2 grunt, 1/2 sream thing at me as soon as he would finish his bottle until I stuck a jojo (we call a pacifier a jojo) in his mouth. And let me say that it was a little nerve-wracking. His Taiwan jojos are clear plastic and can be hard to find (especially in the dark), so I would get all nervous if I saw he was finishing up the bottle and I didn't have the jo in hand to plug him up! But, for the past four nights, he has waited patiently for his pacifier! I honestly don't knwow how it happened, but let me just say, "HOORAY!!"

A funny little thing is that you may remember me mentioning that now Matthew throws a fit if he isn't being held or you aren't on the floor playing with him. So I sought some advice from another blog mama (http://www.untilwemeetintaiwan.blogspot.com/) with a little boy because I wanted to make sure it was just normal baby behavior and not any attachment issues (if you adopt your agency will drill these things into your head). She confirmed my thoughts: spoiled baby syndrome! So, for example, yesterday I was trying to finish a project and he was crying and pulling on my legs. So I sat down on the floor with him--hugging him and kissing him--but it was obvious that he didn't want my lovin'...he wanted my mobility! He was mad that I had sat down! After about 5 minutes of a very funny scene where he seemed to be trying to will me to stand and hold him, he decided he had enough of it and started crawling off toward his toys. He would crawl a little way, stop, turn around and look at me, yell and flail his arms....then crawl away some more. Finally, he was playing with his toys again.

Just to test it out, I tried this again this morning when I was drying my hair...I had put out a blanket and cool items for play, but he was at my feet within minutes crying. So I sat down where I was and put him in my lap, but he wanted me to stand up. When he realized it wasn't going to happen, he crawled off to the toys again.


Sherry said...

Oh that little stinker. Way to be strong mama!

Andy & Rebecca said...

I tell ya, these little dudes totally know what they are doing!!! Isn't it AMAZING how smart they are!!!??? Way to go Tish!! Hooray from me too!!! :) It sounds like Matthew is getting the "patience thing". Grant just finally got that too!! It's a huge milestone when they actually WAIT for something!! (And I had to laugh because everything you describe - the 1/2 grunt 1/2 scream, the wanting you to stand up instead of sit down - it all strikes a very familiar chord!!)