Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Product Reviews!

Here is my very non-professional opinion on 2 products we purchased for Matthew (I'm not a mother, I just play one on TV).

Pros: This fun, contemporary chair looks great in our kitchen! It blends in nicely with the other furniture. Matthew can sit right up at the table with us as opposed to having a big tray in front of him. It will grow as he grows; we've already had to adjust it for him!

Cons: Your table becomes baby's tray...his sticky, nasty tray. This may also be a problem when he begins to self-feed as once he pulls his hands to the side, food will fall to the floor. My husband hates the harness system as they seem to slip off Matthew's shoulders (I should just tighten them, huh?).

We bought the walnut chair with the "tales" cushions. Cushions are washable, but the baby is fine in the chair without even using them. Also, we purchased one of the baby rails. If your baby is a pretty decent sitter, this is a waste of money and makes getting the child buckled in more difficult.

Pros: Obviously, these breathable bumpers pose less threat of suffocation for baby, and are also difficult for baby to use as a "step" to climb out of the crib. Very affordable.

Cons: The bumper does not stay up very well (it is fastened with velcro). If your baby is a wild sleeper and uses every sq inch of his bed like Matthew, the bumper does not give any cushion for face plants into the side of the crib. Additionally, it is easy for babies to tear it down if they are strong enough and grab it in the right way.

I think the idea is great and would say, if you know a seamstress, just have one made for you...but put some type of elastic in the edging or sew on little ties to get a tighter fit.


Andy & Rebecca said...

I love that Stokke high chair. I am a big fan of the Stokke product line for babies! We use the Chicco travel seat (explorer), and LOVE it. It's so nice because Grant sits right at the table with us and it takes up no room! We can also unclip it and it folds up into a travel case and we can take it to other peoples' houses, restaurants, etc.

There is another brand that is similar to the Stokke Tripp Trapp, it's called Hipposmile and a little cheaper. It has great reviews on Amazon.

Sherry said...

Your reviews are great! Im just impressed that Matthew still has a bumper pad! Someone (who shall remain nameless) would tear his off in the middle of night & I would find limbs twisted around it in the morning:)