Friday, October 5, 2007

Funny photos

We went shopping today (Matthew loves riding in the cart), and as I was looking at certain items, I would hold them up for him to see. He would look at each item for a few seconds, then look at me, and then flash the cutest grin ever. It is almost like a half-grin. A little bit like the bottom picture posted here, but not even quite that. And it is fleeting that it is difficult to catch on camera. But I took it as I sign that he approved those items, so we purchased them!
The other photos posted are just ones I think are funny. Matthew LOVES sweet potatoes. His taste seems to be fickle and changes daily for everything except sweet potatoes. In the photo with the hat he looks like a rapper to I have given him the rapper name of "Sweet P." Later on we might change it to "P Itty" in P itty bitty...but if he keeps growing so quickly, there will be nothing itty bitty about him!

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Andy & Rebecca said...

Hee hee!! He does look like a little rapper!!! Don't you love baseball caps on little boys?? I love hats, I just wish Grant would keep his on. The pics are so cute. Wow, Matthew is chunky too! I love chubby babies!!!

Grant loves to shop too... Especially for food. :)