Thursday, October 25, 2007

Update stuff...

So...even though Matthew cries whenever I put him down...apparently not so with Scott. Scott gave him his bedtime bottle the other night so I could run to the store. He said that he put Matthew down on the floor so that he could make the bottle and, although Matthew seemed a little confused, he didn't cry! Also, usually if Scott needs to finish up some work in the office while I am making dinner, Matthew cries and pulls at my legs...but last night Scott brought our new laptop out into the family room, he set Matthew on the floor with his toys so he could finish a few things, and Matthew played and didn't cry...even though he could still see me.

Funny how he acts different around Scott. Matthew has a habit of pushing his chair away from the kitchen table. I just always act like I can't reach him with his food so, when he gets hungry enough, I pull him back over and he stays put for quite awhile...until mischievousness outweighs hunger. Well, last night he pushed away from the table, and Scott gave the stern "no, no" in his best daddy voice. The look on Matthew's face was priceless! He knew he was in trouble, and he spent the entire rest of dinnertime patting and rubbing Scott's arm as if to make sure everything was OK!

Today Matthew is down for the count from yesterday's shots.

Our church is having their HUGE annual Fall Fest next Wednesday complete with soft toys (for Matthew) and candy (for mama), so I bought him a fun costume. I can't wait to see him in it! A hint: It is an animal found both in a barnyard and in the Bible!

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Andy & Rebecca said...

What IS it about kids listening to daddy better than mommy?? My sternest NO-NO doesn't get half the reaction that Andy's does!! Guess it's the deep scary voice. Hee hee. :) So sweet that Matthew was trying to make nice with Daddy after his little reprimand!

Hmmm, I'm trying to guess on that costume. Sheep maybe? (Claire was a "lambie" one year)... Grant was a cow last Halloween. Are cows in the Bible?? :) Oh, I'll guess a lamb.