Monday, October 15, 2007

International Adoption - China vs. Taiwan

For those interested in international adoption, here are the two programs we have experience with:

- agency: Chinese Children Adoption International
- began our process in March 2006
- estimated time from application to travel: ??? posssibly 3-4 years
- cost: roughly $20,000+
- dossier: fairly extensive process, very detailed and strict - we started the application process in March and weren't "logged in" to China until August 2006
- care of children: most children are in orphanages although a few are cared for in foster homes
- in-country travel time: approximately 14 days with a group and guide

- agency: Journeys of the Heart, Program 3
- began our process in November 2006
- time from application to travel: 9 months
- cost: roughly $30,000+
- dossier: much more simple than China's (although having already completed one for China made a big difference)
- care of children: foster homes with one or two babies being cared for at a time
- in-country travel time: 4 days by yourself (with a guide)

We entered the Taiwan system just as it became apparent that the China process was headed for the big slooooow down. I think as people have started seeking options other than China, Taiwan has been flooded with interest. This, of course, has led to stricter requirements and increased fees. In fact, within a week of receiving Matthew's referral, two big changes were that increased our cost by $3000 and one that almost made us ineligible to adopt through Program 3. If we didn't already have our dossier in China, I would lean towards Taiwan (at least the JOH Program 3) for another adoption simply because of the foster care and the shorter travel time. As for Taiwan's higher cost, God always provides.


Andy & Rebecca said...
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Andy & Rebecca said...

Having been through both processes, I can say I would lean towards Taiwan too... but a piece of my heart will always be in China. :) I think it's great that you will have children from both countries!! Let's just pray that wait starts speeding up...