Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Baby Math?

I gave the boy a haircut yesterday...all by myself...what was I thinking??? Actually he did REALLY well despite the fact that he had been up from about 11:30pm-3:30am the night before...and the fact that he kept trying to look at the clippers! The crazy thing is this...I am going to call it "baby math"...his hair was not that long, so how did it get all over our whole house? It is like right at the moment that each strand is cut, it goes into self-preservation mode and immediately multiplies by some crazy baby math way before it scatters to cover every inch of the house. I keep finding little black hair everywhere! I think it is the same baby math that happens when you accidentally spill one tiny drop...even less than 1/8 tsp...of baby food onto the kitchen table. Before you can even grab the napkin you have ready for such incidents, somehow baby's ever-flailing arm makes contact with said food and, within seconds, the food has mysteriously multiplied and is now in his hair, covering his arms, all over his face, smeared on the table, and even on the floor. All from a drop of baby food. A miniscule drop. And then, as the cherry on top, baby sneezes...making sure that you, too, are covered in baby food.
Photos are of new haircut...and the result of staying up all night!


Andy & Rebecca said...

LOL!! I laughed all the way through your post because I can SOOO relate!! My son seems to make messes multiply too! He likes to tip his sippy cup over and shake it really hard until milk drips out. Before I can grab a paper towel, he starts smearing it all over the place - and you'd think a half-gallon of milk had spilled everywhere!! From DROPS!!! Hee hee...

I could also relate to the haircut, because I gave Grant his FIRST BUZZ just a couple of days ago. He did very well (I think he was frozen in fear from the clippers). I did a #2 around the sides and a #3 on the top. :) It turned out pretty cute!! And yes there was hair everywhere even though I vacuumed right afterward.

Matthew is soooo adorable. Thanks for sharing the cuteness!! :)


Yvonne Crawford said...

Wow, I'm amazed that you tried. My son is 4 and I'm still too scared to try.