Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pacifiers: The Cure for Road Rage

Matthew has started sucking his thumb just in the past couple days. On one hand it could be good in since he only likes the pacifiers from Taiwan, and we only have 3 of them! YIKES! But I think I would prefer him to use a pacifier...seems like it would be easier to cut him off when he gets older. So when he starts sucking his thumb, I sneakily trade it out for his pacifier. Not sure if this is the right thing to do....will accept any advice. I was thinking though that road rage probably wouldn't be near as bad if all the drivers had pacifiers.

We dug into the cold-weather-clothes drawer! Most are 12 mos or 12-18 mos. Funny how when I put the clothes in the drawer back in August, they seemed so big...but they fit him pretty well with a little room to grow! It is crazy though that a shirt with long sleeves ends up taking so much longer to put on than one with short sleeves! Everywhere we go people comment on how cute Matthew is...and also on how big he is. I heard a lady the other day say, "Look at the little chunky!" I just cover his ears so he won't get a complex!
Here are some photos from this morning!


Andy & Rebecca said...

I love the B&W's Tish!! He is so beautiful! :)

Grant sucks his thumb too. A LOT. Not looking forward to breaking him of that habit!!


Sherry said...

He's adorable! He's not a chunker... in our house we call that healthy! LOL! Matthew's just right:)

stefanie said...

it's funny how you can love someone so much that you have yet to hold. i pretty much am in love with that little man. yes, i said it, little man. he gets bigger every day. he's the background on my computer :0)

<3 you

Jackie said...

Hi, I love your blog. We're in the process of getting our paperwork to Taiwan now in hopes of our baby girl coming home soon. I just wanted to say hi and to also tell you that our pediatrician said thumb sucking was better and doesn't mess with the dental work like pacifiers can. Plus it's great in the middle of the night - they can always find the thumb! Don't sweat it. Oh and your son is perfect! Love the healthy size. People say stuff all the time. Ignore it or find some witty comeback! :)