Monday, October 22, 2007

Everything's good!

I've received some comments of concern that, since my posts detail some of the struggles of being a mama, that I (we) might not be doing ok. Rest assured...all is well a la casa de Goff. Any whining, complaining, or negative-sounding comments can be attributed to the following:

1. I am bent towards drama. I was born exaggerating and continue to excel in this area.

2. Infertility, adoption, and motherhood all present unique challenges. At each one of these stages in my life, I found great comfort in hearing from others who shared their own experiences, both positive and negative. In just a month of having my blog up, 761 unique visitors have visited the site...with 1287 page loads. Now I know my mom hasn't been sitting there hitting the refresh button 1000 times since the stat counter tracks unique visitors, so I assume there are a lot of women who, like myself, visit blogs to gather information, to hear how other families are doing, and to be encouraged. And, if they are like me, they want to hear reality...that infertility treatments can be humiliating, that international adoption costs can be high, and that first-time motherhood can be a shock to the system!

Hopefully from our photos it is obvious that Matthew is well-loved and well-cared for...and that our family is happy and blessed!


Sherry said...

Count me for several clicks! LOL! I just can't get enough of that cute kiddo of yours:)

Arent those site meters cool... I'd love to know "Who creates that stuff"?

Andy & Rebecca said...

I check your blog every day!! I'm addicted. ;)

That's so funny that people are concerned. Sweet, but funny. I never thought once that you sounded negative or desperate. I just laugh because I can relate to everything you say!! Parenting... It's such an adventure, isn't it???