Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Advice for pre-adoptive mamas

There was a book out awhile back called the "Secrets of the Sisterhood's Traveling Ya-Ya Jeans" or something like that...I didn't read it, but I bet Oprah did. Anyway, whatever the title is it brings to mind thoughts of sharing and support among women. For anyone considering adoption...or already in the throes...this sharing and support is essential. With a capital E!

I encourage anyone who is adopting internationally to get involved in a yahoo internet adoption group. There are tons of them, but I would suggest you join a country-specific group and an agency-specific group. If your agency doesn't have a group, then start one yourself. I cannot stress enough the importance of the advice, wisdom, encouragement, and support you will receive from such a group, especially a smaller agency-specific group. You share joy during the referrals, frustration during the wait, and all the details that your agency doesn't think to tell you. If possible, I suggest remaining a part of the group after you travel so that you can help others as a BTDT (been there, done that)...not to mention that you will have just as many questions when you return home with your little one!

My agency-specific group has been invaluable...especially to my sanity. In fact, I'm thinking of getting a shirt that says "Everything I know I learned in my yahoo adoption group."


jen said...

Aww Tish - we love you too! I agree! It has been so wonderful being part of the group. If you get that shirt, I'll buy one from you! Make it on cafepress - I bet everyone would buy one! =)


Sherry said...

You are so right! Those Yahoo groups were full of so much info & helped me keep (a little) sanity along the way:) LOL!

You asked on Kobi's blog which camera I use. Its an Olympus Stylus 710. I wish it had faster shutter speed these days but so far its workin A-OK:)

Andy & Rebecca said...

I'm with you Tish!! Seriously... how did people adopt internationally before Yahoo groups??? :) I can't imagine doing this without them. I've learned so much, made friends, and gotten great advice!!

The t-shirt is a great idea. Tish you could probably pay for your the rest of your China adoption doing those on cafepress!! Just put a little message out on all the boards. Everyone would want one!!

Kerry said...

Love the T-shirt idea, Tish! And you are SO right about the support groups. Can't imagine going through this process without ours.

I'm taking copious notes about your time at home as a 1st time mama, since I will be one, too!