Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Stuff...

Babies even make socks look cute!

Today was the little man's first time in the Children's Ministry at church. I think it was harder on Daddy than on Matthew. It was funny to watch Scott keep peeking in the room after we left. I think this was the very first time since August 14 that at least one of us hasn't been with him. We kept waiting for the banner to flash across the bottom of the screen that says, "Will the parents of Matthew Goff please...." but it never came! The wonderful volunteers said Matthew did a great job until the very end when a little girl started screaming...then he started crying. As he held Matthew very tightly I heard Scott say to one of our friends, "Girls should just keep their emotions to themselves." TOO FUNNY!

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Jackie said...

Don't change a thing! People obviously come because you're free to be yourself. Being a mom (and trying to become a mom) is not all roses, as you've discovered long ago. We all need a dose of reality and a sense of humor. :)