Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our Gymboree Experience

So we went for a free class at Gymboree today. It was my first time ever setting foot in one of their facilities. Matthew's too...haha! Matthew was the only dude in the class and the 2nd biggest--the ages were 8 months, 9 months, and 14 months. Not really having seen him around other babies much, I am happy to say he is WAY AWESOME in his development! Not including the 14 month old, he was probably the highest in terms of his physical abilities...not bad for a kid who could barely sit up by himself two months ago!

So, anyway, the whole Gymboree thing has three strikes against it:

1. The class is at noon, so it kind of messes up his morning nap/lunch routine.

2. The mothers are supposed to sing...a really high voices...about 100 octaves higher than what I can sing. No kidding. The teacher sounded like she should be singing on Broadway not at Gymboree....but maybe she is just "in between shows."

3. All the other babies in the class sleep through the night so I'm not sure their mothers can be trusted.

So...I guess if we decide to return I will have to enroll in some singing lessons.


Andy & Rebecca said...

Hee hee!! You're too funny. :) I went to one of those Gymboree classes once. I confess: I thought the other moms were annoying and I never went back!! LOL. But I do love Gymboree clothes. :)

Andy & Rebecca said...

Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that I visited Daniel Kessler's website. His art is very cool!! I like the wild dogs print. I also liked the teal dog with the apple!! ;)

Sherry said...

Singing?! Like what Karaoke style?? Oh my gosh... I'd make all the kids cry. LOL!

*Those people sound strange. I'd stay away for Matthew's sake. LOL! LOL!