Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The down side of being a stay-at-home mom

At 10:30am, I bought a box of Fiddle Faddle at the store.
At 12:30pm, I finished it off.

Of course we all know that the box is much bigger than the bag inside which actually contains the goods. The bad thing was that I ate it with wood stain on my hands, so it had a slightly bitter taste. Note to self: Next time eat the whole box BEFORE staining a table. Another note to self: Better take Matthew on a long walk this afternoon!


Andy & Rebecca said...

EEEW! Fiddle Faddle & wood stain??? :)

Don't feel bad. My brother just got back from Switzerland, and brought me 3 enormous Swiss chocolate bars. I chowed down on one of those today. There, we've both confessed!! :)


Andy & Rebecca said...

You would like these shoes then. :)


I love it!!


jen said...

Tish, too funny! You'd think the wood stain would have deterred you from eating the whole box... =)

Matthew gets cuter and cuter every day!


Sherry said...

Thats not so bad. Today I had 2 Baby Ruth's for breakfast, coffee for lunch & ice cream for dinner. I had one of those days too:) LOL!