Thursday, October 4, 2007

Painting Party!

We bought a new home with much more wall space then our last. I'm not gifted in interior design...I know what I like & don't like, but I can't walk into an room and picture it fully decorated. It's like I have two left eyes or something. And I have trouble committing to art on my has to mean something to me or I get bored with it quickly. At my friend's suggestion, I bought blank canvases, acrylic paints, and invited a few friends over for a "painting party." After I filled their stomachs with goodies, we sat down to create our masterpieces. It was such a fun way for everyone to tap into their creative side...each gal's piece really reflects her personality! Now I have art on my wall that is original AND very special to me.

One of the friends is actually an artist...a beautiful person and a beautiful artist. We have sheep (that we LOVE) in the field next to our backyard, and she willingly took on the assignment to paint them for us. I have also included a painting she did of her dog. If anyone is looking fro a unique gift, you may consider having her paint an original for you!

So here are photos from the party and of my friend's work.

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Andy & Rebecca said...

What a great idea!!! I love having "meaningful art" on my walls too, and I never thought of the idea of having a picture-painting party with friends!! What fun!!! They turned out great. :) I need more wall space in my house!