Saturday, October 13, 2007

My son has turned into a CLING-ON!

Not the Star Trek kind...I'm not a fan of that show...although one time my cousin and I went to see one of the Star Trek movies at the theatre, and we fell asleep...some nice people had to wake us up as they were leaving when the movie was over. ANYWAY...For the past two days Matthew has been super clingy. He starts crying if he can't see me...even if we are in the same room...and he refuses to play with his toys on the floor. He wants to be held...and not just held but held while you are walking around with him. This makes getting dressed a little difficult. And the bad thing was that we had some guests over on Friday night so I had some cleaning & stuff to do during the I ended up baking a cake, vacuuming the house, scrubbing toilets, and sweeping the back patio with him in my arms.

I know, I know...this is no different than what millions of mothers deal with every day...and most of them have more than one little dictator to tend to. But why didn't even ONE of those millions of mothers ever tell me how difficult it is to scrub toilets with a heavy baby in your arms? I could have been on a weight training program to prepare! My wrists are about to pop off my arms, and I think I have shrunk 2 inches as my spine is starting to lean to the left.

But even so, this baby is PRECIOUS! We made today a very low-key, stay-at-home day and, although the day was tough, he had a very happy evening! Life is good. God is good!


Andy & Rebecca said...

I hear ya!! Who needs the gym, right?? My son went through a very clingy stage too. I felt like I couldn't get ANYTHING done and found myself getting frustrated that he was never just content to sit and play by himself!! But take heart, it's a STAGE!! It lasted just a couple of months for Grant. He is worlds better now!!

Hang in there!


Sherry said...

OMG... Kobi's the same way! Except now he's 30 lbs & still only wants to be held when Im walking around! It must be a Taichung Big-Baby thing. LOL! I actually have worn the baby sling & cleaned. It took me 1 hour to do something that would normally be a minute but now he is much better & I can give him the swifter to play with... THANK GOD!

Good Luck! Im wishing less back pains your way:)