Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Mall!

We took our first trip to the mall today since coming home from Taiwan...just in time to see the new fall fashions!!! It actually turned out to be uneven shopping: Matthew's stores - 4, Mama's stores -2. Although I dreaded it, we ventured into the Disney Store. It's not that I have anything against Disney, it's just that, when I stand in the doorway and look inside the store, all I see is over-priced stuff that will sit on a shelf and need to be dusted. We went in long enough to snap a photo in front of a big pile of stuffed animals and watch a music video of a preteen singing about having a good attitude.
Then I took him to one of those little center court areas that has the little cars that move back and forth. (I'm not sure why this font is bigger than the rest). Anyway, I picked out the cool sports car, set Matthew in it, and he seemed to think it was pretty cool. So I decided to put in some money and let him try it out in motion. Well...the motion part was OK, but this car also made noise...LOTS and LOTS of noise. LOUD, LOUD noise. Cars screeching and hitting each other kind of noise. I freaked and knocked over the stroller. Matthew seemed a little stunned but eventually started crying. People were like coming out of stores to look because this thing was SOOO LOUD. It was like a bad dream where everyone has those crazy carnival mirror faces and they are pointing and laughing at you. We didn't even get our 75 cents worth before we slinked out of there.

Oooooh...the new stuff at the GAP is wonderful! The hue of red that they are using in scarves, bathrobes, sweaters, etc is BEAUTIFUL!!!


Yvonne Crawford said...

He is absolutely adorable!!!!


Andy & Rebecca said...

I was just on today buying some PRODUCT RED baby clothing (there are some CUTE bodysuits on sale for $6.99 and you can get an extra 15% off with your Gap card!!) Anyways I was buying the baby stuff for a friend of mine who is leaving in six weeks to bring home a boy and girl from Ethiopia!! And I did notice the cool black, white & red theme for women's clothes that they have going on this fall. I would love to see the colors in person though.

The car ride sounds SCARY!! What on EARTH! What, are they trying to traumatize children with that thing?? I don't think Grant would like that very much either. Poor little Matthew!!

For what it's worth... I am NOT a fan of the Disney store either!!!