Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Training

Spring means baseball season, and Matthew has started his training. In the first video he is doing his weight training by lifting a heavy vase. Of course before I got the camera out, his workout was complete with grunts and strained facial expressions. I guess when he realized he was being taped he decided to make it look easy. In the second video he is practicing his throwing technique. I left that video long for the grandparents' pleasure.


Andrea said...

As A former World Series Softball Player, I must say that boy has some skills! :)
Tell dad to keep an eye out for the scouts...You know they like to sign'em young, these days! He really should finish college first! :)


Just Us said...

Matthew's got an arm on him!! A baseball star in training. Kristie

Rebecca said...

He throws a ball just like Grant!!!

I will video him one of these days so you can see. :)

Cutiepie! Just want to squeeze him.

By the way, it's FREEZING here today. We were bundled up in winter coats!! :( Saw that stroller by the door and was instantly jealous. :)


Ann said...

So much fun. Gotta start them out young, work that arm out!!LOL

Yvonne Crawford said...

WHAT A CUTIE!!! I just love that age. I love coming to your blog it just helps me know that soon Lachlan will come home and join us. :)

jen said...

My first thought was that I'm glad he decided to throw in the 2nd video and not the first! =) I love his half-walk, half-crawl! So cute!