Saturday, April 26, 2008

here we go again

I'm putting this post in small font so it doesn't waste precious blog real estate. Rebecca pulled the BBFF card and tagged me for 3 random and useless facts, so here goes:

1. One night I was crazy tired. I got my face cleanser and a cotton round out of the cabinet and started cleaning away. All of the sudden my face started stinging like mad...MAAAAAD, I tell a million bees had taken vengeance for their cousin I stepped on as a kid. I looked down at my cleanser bottle only to realize it was nail polish remover. Ouch.

2. I may have already posted about this but, since I can't remember, I'm sure you won't either. No doubt that babies change your I decided that it might be nice (for Scott) if I stopped wearing flannel pants and a fleece jacket to bed at night. I started looking for a pretty, super soft robe but, since I'm as cheap as the China adoption process is long, I couldn't bring myself to shell out the $40 bucks for one. Even though I had a $50 gift card! Well, one night I stopped into our local dollar store and lo&behold there was a super soft, buttery yellow robe one the clearance rack for $7. On the clearance rack, mind you! Being in a hurry, I grabbed it, paid, and headed home. Well...not only is my $7 robe a one-size-fits-all (which is always the wrong size for a 5'2" 105lb girl), but it didn't come with the tie to keep it closed. So now instead a looking frumpy in flannel pants and a fleece jacket, I look frumpy in an oversized robe with a mismatched belt! Poor Scott!

3. Some days the only times I drink anything are when I brush my teeth. Not sure why. I guess drinking is boring, and I hardly ever feel thirsty.

To check out Rebecca's list, click HERE. I tag everyone who reads this post. EVERYONE...that includes you. Yes, even you without a blog. Make up a list anyway and tape it to your fridge...or, better yet, leave it in the comment section so we can all know useless stuff about you, too!


Jenna said...

You are hysterical!

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who barely drinks anything....although most days I think I am on the brink of dehydration! Can I borrow that weirdness for MY three things? :)

stefanie said...

1.) when i eat my salads, i don't just take them bite by bite, i instead turn it over time and time again in an attempt to find the perfect bite.
2.) before i go to bed, there is a process. first i put on my pj's, then i take out my contacts, pull up my hair, brush my teeth, get a glass of water, turn the sleep timer on 60 then hit the pillow.
3.) i hate when the dishwasher looks like a boy loaded it. All the plates must be together, the spoons, forks, knives, etc. i think they call it OCD. i blame mom.

Rebecca said...

Weird, girlfriend!!! We are too alike!!!

I weigh 105 too. And I never get thirsty!!!

You crack me up. OUCH on the nail polish remover!!!!

Hugs, Rebecca