Friday, April 4, 2008

precious is as precious does

Funny but cute after-bath hairdo:

Angelina Jolie called and wants her lips back:

While Matthew is usually a fast and furious eater, I noticed this morning he would stop shoveling in his waffle every once in a while to offer a bite to the toy farmer who was standing by his plate.

While he is not interested in walking at all, Matthew loves to kick balls. This is usually a way that we do get him to practice walking. Lately he has begun trying to kick balls even when he is sitting. The other day he used his hand to pull up his foot and kick the ball. It was funny...and also interesting that he worked that out in his mind. Last night he was even trying to kick the balls in his bath...a little difficult since they were floating.

While at the store the other day, Matthew wanted an apple. I picked one out , handed it to him, and he immediately put it in his mouth. I quickly told him that he couldn't eat the apple until we paid for it, so he would need to wait. He held on to that apple the rest of our shopping trip and, when we got to the register, he held out his arm straight towards the cashier with the apple in his little hand. He then gave it up to her without a peep and waited patiently for her to give it back to him.
P.S...On the Wordless Wednesday photo a couple of comments were made about M's face being "chocolatey"...just wanted to say, I didn't give him chocolate (don't want him to turn out like his chocolate-lovin' mama)...that is black bean sauce on his face!!!


Andrea said...

Love this post!
My kids will let the cashier "Take a picture" as long as she gives it right back. And I feel like I need to advocate for Matthew at this point....Give that Baby some chocolate!:)

Lynn said...

Such a cutie!

Yvonne Crawford said...

That's great that he gave her the apple. Both my kids cried until maybe 2.5 because they thought they'd never get it back. Mia still does it with library books.

Love those pictures.

Kim and Russ said...

Very cute pictures! :)
I love those lips!
I don't have much of an upper lip and unfortunately my daughter took after me in that area. :(

Tiffany and Gabriel said...

The cashier story was the best! Matthew is so smart!

Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

What a beautiful boy! But he can't be angelic ALL the time, now can he? Gotta give him credit for looking out for himself! ;)

Rebecca said...

Those are great pics. He does have some great lips... and hair! Poor little Grant, I gave him a buzz cut the other day and WOOPS, it was way too short. Now he looks like an army brat. Poor little dude! Sorry, Buddy!!!

I love the stories about Matthew... how sweet was he about waiting for his apple??... and I seriously laughed out loud when I read that he had BEAN SAUCE on his face!!!!

Just Us said...

Wow...Matthew is soo smart...really impressed with the cashier story! Kristie