Tuesday, April 29, 2008

photos from the playground

I love for Matthew to play hard. I love for him to get dirty and explore outside. So I will happily wash loads upon loads of his clothes. There are two "outdoor" things, however, that I can't stand the thought of. The first is for his little hands or feet to get scratched and roughed up. When I see him rubbing his hands quickly along the concrete, I shudder! The second is for his milky white skin to become tanned. I am sun lover, but for him...no way. Yesterday while outside I rolled up his sleeves so he could play in the water. I then dutifully put on a 55 spf lotion on his arms and face. So when later I took off his shirt and saw serious tan lines on his arms, I about cried! Guess I better start feeding him tofu!!! Read about that idea HERE.

P.S. Hey Mom, I just realized that the new way I am attaching photos doesn't let you click & view them in a larger size. I'll go back to the old way!


Jon Morton said...

I like the colors of the second shot. This really is a lucky boy having mommy document his childhood like this!!

How's the photography class/Camera searching going??


Andrea said...

My fav is the GREEN GRASS!


Jenna said...

I am so jealous....it is raining at 50 degrees here! :(

I'm a sunscreen Nazi too!!! My husband made me promise this year that I would finally let Sawyer, now just about 5 years old, wear a bathing suit that didn't have a matching shirt with SPF protection. I had to break that promise! I had to- he's so fair skinned, and I do not want him to EVER get a burn. That increases the skin cancer risk SO much. So my kids are dressed with SPF protected swimsuits in the summer and when not swimming, I chase them with the sun screen! My sister even puts sun block on my neice in the winter (in NH)! So, see you are not so bad after all. :)

But, tofu? I might have to draw the line there! :)

Rebecca said...

AWESOME shots!! Love the colors!!!!

Interesting on the tofu. We actually like the stuff around here. :) You can bread and fry it up like little fish sticks. Mmmmm. :) (Are you gagging right now??)

Shannon said...

Just came across your blog & think your boy is adorable! We just started a blog recently (www.thirtyonefeet.blogspot.com) to chronicle the adoption of our daughter from China and our biological son's birth - all happened in the course of a month last year! Anyway - I saw you wrote about the way you are uploading pictures doesn't allow you to click on them. Can you shed some light on that? I find that sometimes it allows me to click on them and sometimes it doesn't - and I don't think I do anything differently. Thanks!