Monday, April 14, 2008

short post

this post will be short as i poked my eyeballs out today. i hunted down that little green baby spoon and out they by one. well, since there were only two it really didn't take that long. and i will remain eyeball-less until my baby sleeps.

on a good note: i'm almost through with the foyer painting!
on a better note: i signed up for an on-line class (intro to digital photography) which starts this week! i have to go read the syllabus. what was i thinking???? i can't read the syllabus without eyeballs. ack...the class hasn't even started, and i'm already behind.


Rebecca said...

Note to Matthew:

Mama needs her eyeballs back for the following reasons, among others:

- She can't be a very good photographer without them

- They don't make a Braille syllabus

- Your foyer is going to look pretty bad if she is painting without eyeballs

- She needs them to make food.

AHA! That last one got him. I bet he's snoring now...

Anonymous said...

I ditto what Rebecca said! Couldn't have said it better. Ha! You'll have to post a picture of the painting you're doing. Do you like to paint? I hope Matthew naps so you're able to finish the project. Good luck:)

Lynn said...

LOL Rebecca! I hope he starts sleeping for you soon!

Yvonne Crawford said...

Hey that's so cool that you are doing the online class. :)