Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Walking the walk

To date Matthew's interest in walking has rivaled my interest in brussel sprouts. Or maybe I should say "absolute and utter lack of interest." But today...TODAY...my little sick one took self-initiated steps on his own. He just took off...like 6-7 steps in a row. And there was me....mouth gaping...and video camera in the other room.

On another note...this will shock and stun those who know me best. I did NOT eat that whole family size bag of M&Ms today. And I don't even know why! And I can't believe I'm sitting here atthe computer without the bag in front of me. I hope this isn't a change that comes with motherhood.


Yvonne Crawford said...

YAY Matthew!!!

Stefanie said...

Way to GO, Matthew! One day he's a non walker... the next he's OFF! What a big day, I still remember the day Tori took her first steps 17 years ago!
P.S. Don't toss the M&M's quite yet. I bet the chocolate mood will strike again soon ;) If motherhood took away those cravings, I'd be a toothpick! ;)

Lynn said...

Way to go Matthew!!!! Fun times ahead now for sure!

http://bloomwhereyouare.blogspot.com is the addy.

Thanks for the photo class link and yes, I am very interested in Rebecca's friends class if she has one!

Rebecca said...

WOW!!! Are you SERIOUS???? Hooray for Matthew!!! And to think... he did it while he was sick!!!

I never got the first steps on video either... maybe the 2nd or third ones though. :)

And... on the disinterest in candy... I don't know what has happened to the Tish I know. Come back soon, Chocoholic!!! :)

Love ya.

Just Us said...

Sorry I'm so far behind...

Wooo hoo Matthew..watch out mamma..he will be running before you know it!!!! Awesome news. Kristie