Wednesday, April 16, 2008

1st day of school!

Woohoo! Today my intro to photography class begins! Scott got up way too early to take a 1st-day-of-school picture of me, so I'm posting one I let Matthew "take" a couple of weeks ago. He loves looking through the viewfinder and seeing items both on the camera and in real life at the same time! I'm excited about the class because it starts with the very basic "what is digital photography?" EXACTLY where I need to be!

I started doubting whether or not I should take the class since Matthew has only been napping for 20-30 minutes per nap lately...and has been extra needy while awake. But this morning God's grace has been poured out all over me. We had a great morning of both playing together and him playing while I did housework. I wondered "Wow, is this what it is like for some moms????"

Oooooh, only 10 minutes left til I can log in to my class and pick up my assignment!!!!

I.AM.A.DORK! I was working on my assignment when I heard Matthew wake trying to hurry, I went ahead and posted my required introduction...IN THE WRONG PLACE! And, unlike Blogger, the class doesn't have a delete comment button. Ugh.


Rebecca said...

Wooooo!!! Go girl!! I'm so excited about your class, and so darn proud of you for taking this on despite the touch-and-go nap sched lately!! See, God took care of it for you today... He won't give you what you can't handle!!

You are darn cute in that picture, too... Matthew took it?? He's got skills like his mama!!!

Love ya. Keep me posted on how the 1st class goes!!!!!


Jenna said...

Hey- maybe you should enroll Matthew too and you could do the class together....he seems to have the knack!

How exciting is it to do something to stimulate your sense of creativity! I can hardly wait to see all that you are learning....because you'll be posting it on your blog, right??? I'm loving all the photo shop if only I had a free minute to play around with it myself!!

Jenna :)

Rebecca said...


Love the update. :) That made me smile. Sorry. :)

Andrea said...

I'm pumped about yur class. When you get ready you will have to come to MS and take photos of the family. Tell Matthew that Miss Andrea said,"Crocs with Socks Rocks!".

Don't forget to post your class pictures!


Yvonne Crawford said...

that is a beautiful picture! I can't wait to hear more about your class

Anonymous said...
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Just Us said...

How exciting about your class...I think you will do great since you already take some great photos. Once you finish you gotta share your new found knowledge with your faithful followers : ). Kristie