Thursday, April 17, 2008


Got a 100 on my first quiz!!!!

This class is not really a course designed for you to "practice" your's more of the nuts&bolts basic stuff. Like "what is a pixel?" and "what type of camera should I buy to meet my needs?" So I don't think I will be having any photos to show from the class. But if this class goes well, I may try another!


Rebecca said...

WOOOOOOO!! A 100, made even more amazing by the fact that you have a sleepless toddler boy running around!!!! :)

Congratulations on the successful first quiz!!

Love ya BBFF.


PS. My friend Christi (Impressions Studio) might be offering an online photography class. I'm working on it. :) It would be hosted on a blog, and there would be assignments where she would critique and give suggestions. You need to visit her blog to see her latest stuff. The wedding she just shot is incredible!

If she offers a class, I'm taking it... maybe you could too??

Andrea said...

Good job, MaMa!


Yvonne Crawford said...

wow, I agree with rebecca - so great!

Lynn said...

Great job!!

Lynn said...

I am looking for a class, tell Rebecca if her friend offers one I am interested!

Just Us said...

Congratulations Mamma...looks like you are well on your way to a new profession...professional photographer : ) Kristie