Monday, April 21, 2008

Update on Lil' M

So yesterday proved to be our first real "sick" experience with Matthew. Right before bed he started throwing up and did so about 7+ times within an hour. As a first time mama's first time experience with a sick baby, all I can say is WOW does your heart hurt for your kid! My SuperHubby, who normally has a VERY queasy stomach about such things, kicked it into high gear and became MarthaScottStewart...scrubbing carpet and countertops, washing linens and clothes, making trips to stores, and even buying me a bag of M&Ms! A FAMILY SIZE BAG! Matthew seems to be feeling better today...pretty sleepy but keeping down some liquids and light foods.

Since I mentioned Scott above and rarely talk about him, I thought I give you a glimpse into the one who holds my heart:

After my recent trip into the very cool but oh so expensive Anthropologie store:
Me: I really like their clothes but a shirt is like $100.
Scott: Well, did you ask them "When's this stuff gonna make it to TJ Maxx?"

As I was getting out a jar of caramel sauce for my afternoon snack...and eating a spoonful right out of the jar (don't worry, I don't double dip!)
Scott: Ah, sweet nectar straight from the vine.

As I was opening a package of Velveeta to make our nutritious dinner of Rotel dip & chips:
Me: This is rank! Does Velveeta go bad?
Scott: Not for a couple of decades; it's fine.

Reading the label on Matthew's dinner jar:
Scott: Savory carrots. IS there such a thing?

This Friday night we are going to a Robbie Seay concert!
Me: Oooh...this Friday night we have a date.
Scott: Yeah, everyone will probably be screaming and holding up lighters.
Me: Everyone including YOU?
Scott: Not me; I'm too stoic.
Me: no response
Scott: Babes, just kidding! I'll be jogging in place.


jen said...

oh no! Hope our little M feels better very soon and can be back up playing with big M (Mama), because you know, that makes a family sized M&M - ha! I crack myself up! Or perhaps I am already cracked... or maybe the boy did it to me...

Rebecca said...

Oh NOOOOOOO. All I can say is - I feel for you. You know all too well that this has been familiar territory at our household lately!!!! Oh poor little Matthew!!!! I hope he's better tonight!!

I am glad you have such a supportive hubby... and one who keeps you laughing in spite of it all!! :)

Hugs to lil M! We're praying he feels all better soon.


Stefanie said...

YUK!! I hate it when little ones are so sick (especially when they're too little to make it to the potty in time ;))
So sorry your little guy has a tummy bug, but glad to hear he's doing better!
Scott is a crack up and obviously very easy going... no wonder he holds your heart :)

Ann said...

I hope the little man is feeling better and the big man is just hilarious!! LOL

Yvonne Crawford said...

oh poor baby. I still remember Callum's first stomach flu at 10 mos. He lost 5 pounds. :( I really feel for you! I hope you and your hubby avoid it.

Your dh is hilarious!!

Andrea said...

Im glad things are better.A Stomach Virus is not cool.
I like Scott. He's dry. My husband is like that, which makes what they say even funnier.:)


Lynn said...

Oh I hate when my kiddos are sick too. Poor little guy and poor mommy! Your hubby is funny!

David Mai said...

Hi Tish, hope Lil' M feels better. I am a first time dad and can relate. :) , Thank you for your comment on the DavidHam blog and pointing out that our recent slideshow wasn't displaying properly. Our blog found a new home in the last week and that was one of the issues that remain that we had not known about. It is working now thanks to you.