Friday, April 11, 2008

A boy after his mama's heart

Every morning Matthew and I hang out in his room while he drinks his morning milk. We play, read books, do a daily devotional, etc. This morning I happened to mention something about his stuffed Duck which was sitting in a chair with Teddy, Blue Puppy, and Sweet Pea. The next thing I know, Matthew scoots over to the chair and gives Duck a drink of his milk. But...he didn't stop there. Of his own doing, he gave each animal a drink of milk. And when he saw Baby Tiger on the floor next to the chair, Matthew made sure he got a drink too! Making sure everyone is included...that's what I love!

Matthew thinks it is pretty funny that I put a diaper on Big Teddy. Even for our serious little guy, just mentioning this gets an audible laugh. Here he is washing the bear. I know it's kinda girly stuff, but we do our fair share of dirt playing and ball throwing! The second photo came out blurry, so I used the "sketch" action in photoshop express.


Andrea said...

Love the new profile picture.
Gone only 2 days and missed Matthew.
I may need therapy. :)

Rebecca said...

Such a sharing boy!! You should do a video of that. Kind of like when he gave the little plastic chicken a bite with his fork?? That cracked me up. :)

randclan said...

Hey, that's great! Absolutely nothing wrong with boys doing that sort of a mom to 2 boys, you've got to foster the 'nurturing' side in them

Akabah said...

SOO sweet! I gotta try that diaper trick with Helena... and like Matthew- she's not walking or talking, AT ALL yet! but as for teeth- she's got 8, and two molars coming through- ouch. She's still on bottles however- and still addicted to her pacifier- both of these MY FAULT, not hers! take care, Tish!

Stefanie said...

Love that!! He is just modeling how HE is cared for and loved... you are such a great mama, Tish!!

Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

I love the diapering of that bear! That's brilliant!
And your boy is learning all the best values. Way to go, Tish!

Yvonne Crawford said...

What a sweet boy. So great to learn sharing at such a young age!