Thursday, April 3, 2008

The sweet and sour of being a mama

My BBFF Rebecca has a caption on her blog that reads "the sweet and sour of parenthood." While being a mother is typically 99% of the time sweet, those sour days can make your face puckered as if you just ate a big crate of lemons. Yesterday my time with Matthew began with him screaming (he had thrown his blanket out of his crib and wanted it back) and ended with him screaming (I was feeding him with a spoon and if I happened to put the spoon down to feed myself, he completely lost it...nevermind that his mouth was FULL). I was at the point of envisioning myself poking my eyeballs out with a spoon. A tiny green baby spoon. When Scott walked in the door last night I handed him the baby and literally ran out of the house (I was meeting a friend).
After a rough start at breakfast, today has been sweet. Matthew was wonderful at the doctor's office even giving smiles to the staff. He tried to play peek a boo with another little boy, and he was very happy. It makes a mama's heart feel better to see her baby smile and have fun. It's sweet. He is currently napping and has lasted longer than 20 that is very sweet, too!


Jenna said...

You're so right- and I'm thankful to God that a day can make all the difference in the world! AND, I'm having sweet nap success here too- my 4.5 year old just fell asleep on the couch. so, this mama who NEVER gets a mid-day break now has one! Happy me!!!! YAY for sleep!

Andrea said...

Funny Stuff! Sometimes you just want to look at them and say"WHO are you and WHERE did you come from!" Then they turn into little angels! I can't really blame them,though. I would do the same thing if I didn't think everyone would look at me like I was crazy.
How much fun would it be to just throw down on the floor because you aren't getting your way?!
Kids get all the breaks.:)

Rebecca said...

Look at you all fancy with the pictures!! Woo-hoooo!! Now I have TWO photographer friends. :) You have really awesome natural talent, Tish - now you just need an even better camera, and maybe a class or two to learn some of the lingo & techniques? So proud of you for being ambitious!!!

After you're done poking your eyeballs out with the little green spoon, mail it over to Indiana. I think I will need it today. Today is NOT an "angel day". Today is a definite SOUR day (when it comes to Grant, at least).

Our little stinkers. Gotta love 'em!

After we poke our eyes out, I guess we will have to blog in Braille???

LOL. Don't mind me. I'm a little loopy today and hyped up on caffeine. :)

Rebecca said...

PS... did you get the link from Amazon to the sleep book???