Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Update

Mateo in healthier times:

Report on Matthew: No more throwing up, but we headed into the scary realm of HIGH FEVER. We have a Braun Thermoscan which is supposed to be very accurate; however, we got temp readings all over the place last night. Of course I was taking his temp like every 5 minutes so maybe that had something to do with it! Pretty much though he was between 101.7 and 103 throughout the night. I must say that, despite how bad Matthew feels, he is pretty quick with a grin or a giggle if I ask him if his daddy likes to dance.

Report on Scott: He didn't say anything funny yesterday. Not one thing. But he did make our mac&cheese AND cleaned the kitchen after dinner!


Tami said...

So glad to hear your little one is doing better. We had quite a scare with Nathan when he was about 3..... ended up in the hospital for 2 days with an IV! I Didn't want to mention this the other day in my comment when you were in the middle of "it".

Learned some things through the experience though....the biggest is despite what you hear, a child CAN be dehydrated even if they are still urinating.

After the experience, both John and I thought and prayed for all the children who die simply because they don't have access to IV's. It's sad and without a doubt, if we were less fortunate, Nathan would have been one of them.

taiwanbaby said...

I just checked in at read the scary news. The first time is always scary!!!! Even now, I want to freak out and my Dr. hubby still tells me the same thing. High fevers are not the problem, dehydration is. High fevers are the bodies way of killing the bugs that are making them sick. fevers combined with other symtoms are the ones you should take to the dr. hopefully you've all made it through to the end of this nasty sickness.

Andrea said...

Sorry about the fever! hope things are better soon.

As for Scott- I'll take a Cook over a Comedian, anyday!:)


Barbie said...

Poor guy. I hope that fever breaks soon. I hate not knowing what is happening when my kids are sick. What a trooper, still giggling even while feeling icky.

Jenna said...

How's the little guy? Sick kids are the worst. You just feel so helpless especially since we usually make everything ok, and with that kind of sickness, you just can't.

Here's a tip we learned after having the stomach bug 4 times in a month (twice for each kid): if he won't take the pedialyte, give it to him through a medicine dropper about 5mL every 15 minutes. Of course, that is assuming that he'll take something from a medicine dropper. My kids are like little druggies....they see the dropper coming and get all excited. (We'll work on that before they are teenagers!)

Anyway, our pediatrician gave us that tip, and being the bringht mom that I am, I never would have thought of it in a million years. So, I'm passing it along just in case. Hopefully he's feeling so much better that this tip is too late! :)

Hauswife said...

YUCK! We finally kicked the high fever thing here, and I'm so glad to be done with it. My babies were in the 103's too and it's scary! I'm praying as I type that your little one gets better right away.

Rebecca said...

Oh, I know, the fever is scary!! We did Advil when Grant was sick last time and it helped take the edge off. I'm so sorry. We had the same thing going around here and it was SO not fun.

Praying he feels better today!