Thursday, April 17, 2008

You've Got Mail

Matthew and I often walk down the road to the mailbox, and today I took my camera along. I don't have time to upload all the photos, so to view them please click here and click on the "you've got mail" album. There is even a "rock" photo by Matthew!

RE: the foyer. The foyer would be excellent if I hadn't used the blue painter's tape. I have NEVER used it in the past but, since I have virgin walls, I decided to be extra cautious. Well, due to our super duper textured walls, the tape must not have stuck correctly...paint seeped now I have to do trim work. BUMMER! The color turned out nice. It looks different throughout the day and actually runs the gamut of green-gray-brown. But now the house looks really funny since it is all white except for the foyer! I'll post a photo soon.


Rebecca said...

I LOVE the photos, Tish!!!! STUNNING!!!!!! You truly have a knack! The one with a top view of Matthew and a kind of splashy-looking shadow around him.... is that water, or a shadow? VERY cool pics. The colors are amazing!

The foyer sounds really nice. I love colors that change shades during the day, depending on the light. Makes for some nice variation. :) Stinks about the trim work though. I never use tape... too time-consuming. We have painted so much the last 5 years that I am a trimmin' pro. :) It's hard to paint textured walls though!!! I almost always have to do a little touch up afterwards.

You tell Matthew that Long-distance-auntie Rebecca thinks his rock picture is awesome!!!!!

Hugs to you both!

Lynn said...

Will you give me the link to the photography course? You can leave it on my blog.

Your pics are rockin girl!