Thursday, April 24, 2008

15 months old!

I just noticed on the ticker that Matthew is 15 months old today! So I guess that means we should go to the park! Hopefully we can get there and back without any major stomach upsets for the boy! The photo is from yesterday.


Rebecca said...

Happy 15 months Matthew!!!!! :)

I love the photo... he is one photogenic little dude. :) Love his cheeks!!!

Feel better soon, Mateo!

Jenna said...

Have I mentioned that he's a super-cutie? I hope he's feeling better!

Chloe had the stomach thing awhile back and she alternated bad day/good day for 5 whole days before she actually kicked it. I hope you all have already kicked it!

But, even sick, he's adorable! :)

Tiffany and Gabriel said...

Happy 15 months, dear Matthew! How about you give your parents a gift and take a nice long nap ;) and then get better quick!

Just Us said...

Happy 15 mo. are getting so big and as cute as ever. Kristie